The guy he tamed by himself,Don’t be ashamed in front of others。

Serious,The sword is shaking,Really never let it break free。
The other hand goes towards the sword,In the process of petting, a breath of wandering dragon passed by,The golden breath and blood red are fighting。
The figure of one sword and one person appears here and there,Even if he didn’t deliberately radiate his own power,Still scared the people here。
Many sword marks appeared on the ground,Completed in this moment。
“Thump thump!”
Xia Chenglong appeared,Back on the ground,Xiaotianjian directly escapes,Hover in the air。
It was not like this,But after coming here,Xiaotianjian is extremely active,It seems that the recognition of his master has greatly reduced。
When I just went to control,I can clearly feel the arrogant struggle of the spiritual sense in the sword,It seems that this is its home field。
If you wait for that spiritual sense to erupt completely,,I am afraid that everyone present may not be able to control each other。

Face four enemies like wolves and tigers,Lu Menglin raised her arm unhurriedly,Speak loudly:“I have something to say!”

King Ning in the stands sees it,Yelled:“You want to change the rules of the contest is not allowed!”
Qing Wang also shook his head,Sighed:“The other party has priority,They chose team battle,You should call your team members to the ring!”
Lu Menglin laughed,Shrugged,Extremely chic,Smiled:“Team fights are no problem,I am enough!”
“Humph!Since I want to die,Then it will fulfill him!”King Ning’s face is displeased,Anger。
The four people on the opposite side just took the tiger wolf medicine,The whole body’s combat power is endless,At the moment of not vomiting,Seeing Wu Hao had to fight alone,All cheered。
They all know Wu Hao is great,That’s why I would rather take the tiger wolf medicine,Would rather live a few years less,Have to kill him desperately,otherwise,Few of them will survive tomorrow。
But Wu Hao is so arrogant to this level,Actually have to do it by one person,Fight alone with four level 40 seed masters who have stimulated their potential with drugs,It seems to them,It’s just an act of seeking death!
“Listen to him finish!”Fu Wang, who has not raised his head very much, suddenly said,Not loud,But it clearly suppressed the noise of the audience。
Pause time,The audience is quiet,Everyone wants to hear,Such arrogant Wu Hao,What is there to say。
“I am Wu Hao,Once ranked fifth in the most wanted list of God City。But I think this ranking is a bit low,Wang Ning’s eyes are probably not so good,That’s why I ranked me so low。”
When Wu Hao opened his mouth, he mentioned his wanted criminal Identity,Also satirized King Ning Ming,Many people present could not help but squeeze a sweat for him。
This kid is too bold,Too dare to talk!While everyone secretly admires,I can’t help but wonder what else he has to say。
“Those guys opposite,At first glance, it’s tuberculosis ghost,Take medicine before it starts,It’s not interesting to win them。”Lu Menglin said with a smile,Contempt to the extreme。
This remark,There was another uproar in the audience。
“Humph!You can use the best equipment,Why don’t they take medicine?”Ning Wangsheng is afraid of Wu Hao avoiding war,Involuntarily snorted。
Lu Menglin suddenly staggered,Power burst under foot,Disappeared in an instant。
Everyone just feels like a flower,Look at that Wu Hao is no longer where he is。
The four seed masters of Ning’s Palace were also taken aback.,They also lost sight of Wu Hao。
Where’s Wuhao?Where did he go?

Fourteen came at the same time as Uncle GhostKThe five deputy directors of,These people get together,Almost represents fourteenKHalf of the hall,Considerable influence。

By contrast,fourteenKPay more attention to this trip to the Mainland than Heliansheng,If it’s not for the other backbones in the club, it’s not convenient to enter,They want to bring all the hall masters。
The person in charge of receiving them is Chen Jiannan,These people from Hong Kong Island were arranged on the right side of the guest seat,Not the most central position。
fourteenKSeveral of Uncle Ghost’s men are still a little dissatisfied with this arrangement,Whispered a few words behind。
As a result, the uncle ghost turned his head and gave a fierce look,Shen Sheng:“idiot!The middle position is reserved for officials,Even let you sit,Are you qualified to sit?”
Uncle Ghost’s reprimand,The subordinates stopped speaking immediately。
And a hall master from Liansheng saw fourteenK’S people are silent,Casually smiled:“what,A group of counselors,I want to sit down!Such a
Country place,Afraid of streaks!”
The voice has not fallen,Uncle Bing turned his face too,Said coldly:“Asaki,The second master disappeared in this country,No one is born,Dead dead,You want to die,I won’t stop。”
These two sentences are out,Azaki swallowed immediately,Dare not talk too much。
Like Erye, working abroad all year round,The old rivers and lakes with blood on their hands are all stuck in this place,He really didn’t dare to prick him。
The left side of the guest seat,Liufang leaders also attended the meeting,Sitting in front of the stage。
They are all rightVThe stage that I created is amazing。
“It really is a professional team from the south,The stage is so beautiful!”
“Yes!How good is the lighting design,Like watching the Spring Festival Gala,Much better than the third one of our Liufang。”

For the whole day,Everyone in the Taishan ship base is mobilized,They gather in groups,All working hard to give full play to their profession,Work hard for the battle tomorrow morning。

Someone is repeatedly calculating the impact speed of the monster in the video image,Trying to find out its trajectory,Predict its course of action in advance。
Some people are debugging their weapons over and over again,Trying to be the first time,Give Xingwei the most powerful fire support。
There are people making landmines,Trying to be on the edge of the sentry post,Lay out a minefield,Find a way to break the back of the unknown monster。
Everyone is mobilized,Because they all know,If you can’t clean up the unknown monster,Everyone will die in this jungle。
do not know why,Hu Lin’s mood is a bit complicated,Emotionally unstable,She has no body armor,Can only stay in a single room,Brushing the computer over and over again,Watching people in the base working in full swing through the camera。
Maybe it’s because I was borrowed from the armor,It made her feel very insecure,She is a little fidget,Although I know,Lend the Horned Dragon Battle Armor to Xing Wei,Theoretically the most correct choice,Because Xingwei is the same as myself,Has six levels of genetic enhancement,Can completely control the Horned Dragon Battlegear,And as a male,His power and burst will only be stronger than himself,More suitable for dealing with that hidden monster。
Time goes by bit by bit,Night falls slowly,The jungle in front of me is gradually darkening。
Everyone in the base stays in their posts,All eyes widened,No one wants to sleep。
On the surface,Taishan ship base is exactly the same as yesterday,And there is no obvious change。
And there is no change,Actually the biggest change,Just because everything is too normal,So it’s abnormal。
Three fully armed soldiers walked slowly,They walked to the post at the base gate。
Apart from putting on the armor,In all joints and key vital parts of the body,Are all equipped with a heavy protective deck,This is obviously a move against that strange snake。

Be sure to let others know what kind of person they offended,What price do you have to pay。

Everyone is an adult,It’s not that children do things without thinking,Since they have ideas,Have the courage to grab Xiao Fan’s necklace,Brother Xiao Fan。
Then they will pay a heavy price for their boldness,Xiao Fan thinks that if you don’t clean up now,Let them go on doing things,More and more people will be injured。
This time it is Shen Lin,Next time it may be someone else beside Xiao Fan,Xiao Fan did not allow this to happen again.2Times。
Even if Xiao Fan has the ability to protect everyone around him,But this does not mean that Xiao Fan should ignore those bad people,Those bad guys can’t hurt the people around Xiao Fan,Will hurt other people。
Xiao Fan is not a saint on earth,He can’t take care of everything,So when Xiao Fan was negligent,Xiao Fan must clean up all these people this time。
Or just let them stay in their own territory,Self-reliance,Or just get rid of them completely,Let them never see the first2Day sun。
So Xiao Fan brought Yiming and Yiming this timecSome brothers of the base。Xiao Fan said,People at the new base don’t need to go out recently,They just need to strengthen training,Before Shen Lin wakes up, he can get better。
Xiao Fan won’t be able to come back when he goes out this time,Although these people are very easy for him to solve,But take some brothers。
So the overall schedule will be slower,Under normal circumstances, Xiao Fan can’t determine how many days it will take,During this period of time, Xiao Fan gave all Shen Lin’s precautions to the two doctors。
Let them guard Shen Lin all the time,If there is any situation,Whether it’s good or bad,Call him immediately,He will come back immediately to observe Shen Lin’s condition。
Now as long as you can wake up,Everyone will think this matter can be turned over,But what Xiao Fan didn’t expect was,He went out to solve the problem this time,I actually met a long-lost old man。
Makes Xiao Fan feel very happy,But this is a story。Now Xiao Fan is going to take his brother to the border area of a small country to clean up some people。
Because these people and those who hurt Shen Lin can be said to be in the same group,They know their people have not come back,Mostly it was solved by Xiao Fan,So these days are also terrified。
If Xiao Fan did it himself,They might die,They also thought about the prodigal son turning back,But in reality, they feel that they are no longer allowed to turn back.。
They can only bite the bullet and go up,Because they think Xiao Fan will not forgive them,Xiao Fan is a famous protector on the road。
If Xiao Fan knew that Shen Lin was hurt by their brothers, then they would definitely not be let go,So they are waiting for Xiao Fan’s arrival,But also afraid of Xiao Fan’s arrival。
But some things can’t be avoided,Unavoidable。The moment they sent someone to grab Xiao Fan’s necklace,The moment they arranged someone to hurt Shen Lin,They have no way out。

Is it,This is Master Lu’s strategy again,Let everyone focus their firepower??

“I’m the monitor?I won’t be the monitor!”He Bu looked blank,Speak honestly。
Lu Menglin smiled,Waved at him,Tao:“Being a monitor is easy!Pass on the order I ordered,If you don’t obey, you beat him up!”
When everyone heard this,There is another chill。
Our teacher Lu’s teaching methods are really endless,Always beating,Looks like it will be tough in Class 16。
“classmates,Some of you came from a military district compound,Raise your hand, let me take a look。”Lu Menglin asked seriously。
The students present looked at each other,I don’t know where this class teacher is making trouble again,Several people raised their hands hesitantly。
Soon,A few more classmates also raised their hands,More than 30 people in the class,Eight or nine of them came out of the military compound。
“You guys tell me,Why do you want to take the test?Just you!you first!”Lu Menglin pointed at one of the big black men,Asked。
The big black guy pointed at by the head teacher quickly got up,Stand straight,Open your mouth,Said:“Report teacher,My dad said,Kavuko,Joining the army will be of great use in the future!Rise fast!”
Say this big truth,Many people in the room couldn’t help laughing。
“How about you?Your dad also said?”Lu Menglin pointed at one of the boys who was smiling fiercely,Asked。
This classmate quickly raised his chest,Shaking his head,Said slowly:“My dad didn’t say,My mom said!Our family is my mother,She said that Wuke has a chance to get military awards,Can be mutated twice,The future world may not be peaceful,Only with strong power,Is the foundation of life。”

“that.OK then!”

Chubby face gritted his teeth,Broke out today’s most popular trading instructions。
“Sell3Ten thousand U.S. dollars3Monthly corn futures,30Leverage!”
The little fat face’s trading order came out,Boo。
To know,Today, even Sato Junji never traded so crazy,Is this the rhythm of losing home??
Really want to fight!
But this time,Facts proved,Chubby face wrong again!
Less than three minutes after her trading order was issued,Chicago Board of Trade3Monthly corn futures prices rose rapidly again。
The futures price rose in less than half a minute2USD,Qiao Tianyu liquidated all positions,Position3Ten thousand U.S. dollars in margin all lost。
The opposite transaction is clearly marked on the big screen“Qiao Tianyu account balance:0,Loss:5Ten thousand U.S. dollars”!
With the boos resounding through the trading center,Sato Junji also knows the final result。
He ran out of the office excitedly,Arrogantly twisted the huge ugly“Hip dance”。
“pig!pig!pig!Chinese pig!You are the stinky and stupid Chinese pig!You Chinese are all pigs!”
Sato Junji unscrupulously indulged,Qiao Tianyu cursed, pointing his eyes closed。
“Eat shit,You Chinese pig!Rubbish!Scum!Scum!”
At this time, the little fat face was already crying into tears because of annoyance and self-blame,She kept apologizing to Qiao Tianyu,She failed Qiao Tianyu’s trust,She’s sorry Qiao Tianyu,I’m also sorry to fellow Chinese!
“This time!”
Qiao Tianyu, who had been closing his eyes just now, suddenly opened his eyes,The right hand habitually pinches the nose twice,Shout in my heart,“kill!”。

Amei cried in fright and turned into tears,At this time only Abao is left,She just calmed down a little bit,Just ask:“Abao, what do you want??Didn’t you tell Jin Jin,Don’t you help Li Xiang?”

“I said。”A leopard lit the smoke,Smoke,Smoke in the car for a while。
At this moment,Li Xiangla opens the door,Can’t wait to say revenge:“Leopard,Was it her turn??You start?If yes, hurry up!I want to see what this bitch looks like!Make her regret it all her life!”
“close the door。”A Bao’s face is cold,Li Xiang knows he wants face in front of others,Close the door obediently,Waiting outside。
Ami shuddered by Li Xiang’s words,As soon as the door closed:“Leopard, you can’t do that,That is a crime!I will call the police,I、I can’t stand suicide!My parents are just my daughter,They will be crazy,They won’t let you go!You can’t do this to me!Even if you want to help Li Xiang,It’s a big deal, spray my face and make my eyes swell for a few days,How can you be so excessive!”
“I’m not just for Li Xiang’s business now,You know that Qiangwei is with Wang Shuai?Wang Shuai tricked me into losing his money by betting,A total of six hundred thousand!He wants me to be a poor ghost,Take away the rose again,He sleeps on my torn shoes,I also fucked his broken shoes!I not only engage,Also let him know,And let all his friends know that Wang Shuai is a trash。”Leopard said,Ignited the fire of hatred again。
“Leopard, how can you treat me like this!We have no grudges!You hate Wang Shuai for finding him!I broke up with him!What is your ability to bully me?If you dare not find him, come and bully me?I’m not even his girlfriend anymore!You hurt me and said it was against Wang Shuai!You don’t make sense in saying this!”May is anxious and angry,Just want to get out of danger at this time。
“May, don’t tell me this!Of course, Wang Shuai,Otherwise you think I called so many people just to watch the show?As for you,It’s so cheap,What’s your face when you please Wang Shuai?That kind of bastard can play with you casually,What do you mean?”Abao picked up the phone,Call Wang Shuai and say:“Your old broken shoes are with me,You said I was doing her well,It’s better to call a group of friends to engage her?otherwise,You save her?You can’t save the police,Or find someone to help?Can’t you call more than a hundred people?I don’t have that many people here,How about you bring more than a hundred to try to save her?If you don’t come,Anyone coming out of East Street will know,Wang Shuai’s woman was rounded,And you don’t dare to fart。”
“Abao, are you unconscious??I broke up with Amei,Why bother her?”
“You will take care of,You like to pretend to be good,Don’t save Ami,What would they think of you tank??I see through you,Don’t pretend not to come。Hurry up,I said place you bring people,I just want to see what happens when the 100-odd people you called fight against the 20-odd people here。You like gambling so much,Take this bet,The person you brought won,I lost you120Ten thousand,You lost,I don’t owe you anymore。correct,I have to play this bet。”Abao said a place,But there is a little distance from here,From their location,You can see the situation from a height。
“I will believe you that there are only more than twenty people?”Wang Shuai feels funny。
“Stop being wordy,I’ll get you in three hours,Enough!Three hours later,Not coming,I do,Engage Amei today,I’ll do you another day。”Abao hung up the phone,Say to May:“Stay quiet,If you dare to make trouble, you can’t wait for three hours!”
Li Xiang suddenly opened the car door again,Ask:“Why haven’t you fucked her yet?”
“Wait for Wang Shuai to bring someone here。”Abao,Li Xiang frowned and said angrily:“why?This is not the same as saying!Didn’t you just do it right after catching her,When Wang Shuai came to see her miserable situation, he was so angry,Stop Wang Shuai and kill him??”
“When men do things, women shut up,Did you hear it?”Abao stared at Li Xiang,Look fierce。
Li Xiang angrily closed the car door,Very annoyed,At this moment,Li Xiang’s page rang,She glanced,Suspect to be Rose,Ignore。Qiangwei definitely doesn’t want things to develop like this,But she doesn’t care if this matter will harm Wang Shuai and then affect Qiangwei’s interests。
In the car,Ami said softly:“Leopard,Li Xiang is not a good person at all,Qiangwei is not a good person!Li Xiang and Qiangwei together,Must be all the way。They are just cheating you!Think about it yourself,Did Li Xiang think about it for you??How can a girlfriend cheat her boyfriend so much??She actually asked you to do that to me?Which woman can accept!She made you sin,Have you considered the consequences for you??I don’t know about your bet with Wang Shuai,but,You have gold to help with money matters,Even if you lose more,I can earn it back sooner or later!As long as you don’t have economic relations with Wang Shuai,He won’t be fooled!Is it worth your crime for money?You don’t know Wang Shuai’s method,He will get you in,Wait for you to come out,A waste,What’s the use of money?”
“It’s better to be a rich and waste than to be a sound poor ghost!”A leopard smoking a cigarette,Disapprovingly:“Do you think I will fulfill the bet and give him 600,000 yuan?He dreams!Today, Wang Shuai will definitely find someone to rescue you,Because he doesn’t want this kind of thing to disturb his father,I have to take care of the image of good people and go all out,So he didn’t dare to call Ashin’s help,I’m afraid his father knows。He shouted,But it’s just some scum on the ground crying after being beaten twice,Dare not move the knife!I’m full of cruel characters who dare to use swords,Many others are useless。Didn’t you just ask me to do it??I wanted to fuck you first and then fuck him,Now I just fuck him。I will not pay back,Wang Shuai will definitely design me,Then I might as well kill him first,Anyway, the bet has been lost,I will definitely not give money,Kill one,But to my life?I will kill him first!I want to kill him today!”

Qiao Ming this time,Also came to Xiao Fan,Then he said to Xiao Fan:“it is good,Then the bet is generated!you,Xiao Fan,If you lose,All Lin Family properties in Yun City will be owned by Mr. Lin Yang。”

“but,If by any chance you Xiao Fan wins,Lin Yang is willing to lead all the heads of the Lin family in the provincial capital to publicly apologize to Mr. Lin Feng,And promise,I’ll never bother Lin Feng’s family again。”
“Have this recording as evidence,The two sides will never go back。”
After saying this,Qiao Ming put down the phone that was recording,then,Ask Xiao Fandao:“If you have no opinion,We have to bet on it now,Before six o’clock this evening,Who can invite Joe’s family to have a higher status,No matter who wins!how about it?”
Who knew that after Xiao Fan listened to Qiao Ming’s words,He shook his head directly。
Qiao Ming saw Xiao Fan shaking his head at this moment,I thought Xiao Fan repented,Sarcastically immediately:“how?Xiao Fan,Do you want to regret it now??Tell you,late!”
Who knows that Xiao Fan is not only not angry and afraid,But smiled,Then he said to Qiao Ming:“Do not,I just think six o’clock in the evening,It may not be too late。and so,Let’s set the time in two hours。”
“Since your Qiao family is known as the largest family in Jiangnan,Then there are private jets, right?,If we are in contact now,From Qiao’s house to us,A two-hour flight journey should be enough。”
Xiao Fan looked at Qiao Ming with a shocked expression,And silently added:“how about it,You won’t feel that with your ability,You can’t do it?”
Qiao Ming looked at Xiao Fan’s obvious mockery,The anger in my heart came up even more quickly。
Where did Xiao Fan come from?,Are already dead,Dare to be so arrogant。
Qiao’s family naturally has a private jet,But at this moment, Qiao Ming is not very sure that he has the ability to use Qiao’s private jet.。
It seems,This Xiao Fan is deliberately increasing the difficulty of betting,The goal is to let yourself take the initiative to give up the gambling contract,So as to preserve their Lin family property。
I didn’t expect a wimpy mind to be so meticulous。
It seems that I really underestimated him。

“Not so polite,”Chen Geng said with a smile:“Not to mention your group is my favorite American music group,Just talk about Miss Karen’s situation,I don’t think any kind person will sit back and watch this situation develop.。”

Richard·Carpenter smiled bitterly and shook his head,I know that what Chen Geng said was actually a kind word,Since Mr. Fernandez’s sister’s illness was spotted before arriving in China,The siblings went to at least a dozen major hospitals in the United States,No less money,But Karen’s situation is getting worse every day,Almost every doctor attending Karen gave“Do everything in peace”Euphemism,If you don’t think about the mysterious and magical Chinese medicine that Mr. Fernandez said, you can try,My siblings and my parents are already desperate。
See you!
Fortunately mysterious、The magical Chinese medicine is really as magical as the rumors。
“You are a real rich man,If you want to come, you won’t want our money,I won’t say much if you are polite,Anyway, what can we help you with in the future,Please speak,”Looking at Chen Geng,Richard·Carpenter said very sincerely:“There is one more thing I want to trouble you……”
Chen Geng suddenly felt,Nodded:“You said。”
Richard·Carpenter did not go in circles,Speak directly:“Karen and I want to thank these doctors who helped her,We want to give them something,But we don’t know what to send,Also since they are‘Imperial physician’,I don’t know if there are any taboos,So I would like to ask you to advise us,What is more appropriate to send these doctors。”
Not waiting for Richard·Carpenter finished,Chen Geng was already scared for a while:Fortunately these brothers and sisters didn’t make their own decisions,Come to discuss with myself,Otherwise, it might not cause much trouble!
Karen·Carpenter is puzzled,I think this is just the patient’s gratitude to his doctor,Brother’s worry is actually unnecessary……
“Needed,very necessary!”Chen Geng shook his head solemnly,Speak up:“You must first be clear about one thing:In China,These doctors are actually government officials,You can think of them as senior civilian staff of the U.S. Department of Health,The administrative level is roughly equivalent to the deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Health。
In the U.S,If you directly stuff money or other expensive items for a senior deputy minister-level official,Can be considered a bribe, right??”
These doctors of China Central Health Bureau,Although the administrative level of most people is not deputy ministerial level,But at least more than half of the experts enjoy deputy ministerial level treatment,That they are senior officials at the deputy ministerial level,Logically speaking。
Brother Carpenter was stunned by Chen Geng’s explanation,At the same time, I felt even more afraid!
They didn’t expect those who treated themselves、The unremarkable doctor is so awesome,Is a senior official at the deputy ministerial level in this country!Like what Mr. Fernandez said,If in the United States,Someone dared to present large sums of money or valuable items to multiple senior officials at the deputy ministerial level,Will be arrested for bribery,Fortunately, I haven’t done this yet——As for how to send large sums of money and goods to officials reasonably and legally,That’s another subject,usually,That’s called“Consulting fee”。
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