Treatment of Old Stomach Disease

Treatment of “Old Stomach Disease”

Syndromes of chronic gastritis based on TCM syndromes include liver and stomach discord, spleen and stomach deficiency, stomach yin deficiency, and dampness, heat and blood stasis. Among them, liver and stomach dissonance, spleen and stomach deficiency are the most common, and of course, there are both.
Traditional Chinese medicine treats stomach problems and often focuses on recuperation.
Ye Jin does not recommend the use of proprietary Chinese medicines in principle, because its drug composition is relatively fixed and cannot be tailored to the individual; and the decoction can be flexibly applied according to the patient’s situation, and can be used to regulate the overall situation of the human as a prerequisite for comprehensive stomach treatment.
His Yangwei recipe starts with looking at the sky, looking at the ground, and looking at people.
When he was practicing medicine, Ye Jin repeatedly emphasized to the patients that he should take the medicine on time, follow up regularly, adjust the dosage and compatibility according to the effect, and the whole course of treatment should be maintained for more than three months.
  Look at the sky: due to time constraints, the stomach is more sensitive to cold stimuli.
Chronic gastritis, although frequent in cold weather in winter, should be prevented from autumn.
Autumn is divided into early autumn, mid autumn and late autumn according to climatic characteristics.
The spleen likes dryness and dampness, dampness and heat in the early autumn, and hurts the stomach by the spleen. Therefore, the dampness and heat should be reduced in the early autumn, and the spleen should be transported to strengthen the spleen.Therefore, nourishing the stomach should start from nourishing yin; in late autumn, the climate is characterized by dryness and coldness, external invasion, and proper nourishment, which can help drive cold and warm the stomach.
Of course, in other hot weather seasons, if the stomach patient does not pay attention to diet, eating some frozen, irritating or stale food will also cause the disease to recur or worsen.
Therefore, patients with chronic gastritis should also avoid eating in hot weather seasons.
  Look at the ground: According to local conditions, Ye Jin often encounters some patients who have already been well-conditioned. Somehow, the stomach disease is suddenly committed again.
It turned out that they didn’t know the local conditions during their early business trips or outings. They didn’t pay much attention to eating and living on the way. They didn’t eat on time when they had time to eat.
In this way, after a long period of stress, coupled with unhealthy eating or poor sleep, it will cause recurrence of stomach problems.
In addition, the geographical environment will also have a serious impact on the human body. In some places, the humidity is heavier, in some places, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and in some places, it is very dry.
These will have an impact on those suffering from stomach problems.
  看人:因人制宜  每个人的性别、年龄不同,生活环境和生活习惯不同,体质也会有所不同,所以用药也要有所差异,如血虚的要补血、阳虚的要温阳.
Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the treatment of the cause. If the liver and stomach are not in harmony, then the liver and the stomach should be sparse;
In addition, some people have other diseases in addition to stomach problems, and they must be found and treated in time. The impact of other diseases on the stomach must not be ignored.
  Ye Jin said: For the treatment of gastric diseases, we must take these three factors into consideration. According to the actual conditions of each person, according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, the five internal organs and the six internal organs, we should use the method of relieving the liver and the stomach, warming the spleen, nourishing the yin, nourishing the yin, nourishing the stomach, and clearing heat and detoxifying, Conditioning dampness and removing blood stasis.
At the same time, in the treatment of chronic gastritis, we must also pay attention to the details of life, diet and living, and truly achieve the combination of treatment and treatment. This is the “right way” to deal with “old stomach disease”.