Have you cleaned the 10 dead spots?

Have you cleaned the 10 dead spots?

Bacteria are ubiquitous in life, especially the 10 sanitary dead ends are the easiest to ignore.

The latest issue of the United States “Prevention” magazine listed the corresponding cleaning methods for people.


Kitchen faucet: There is a filtering device in front of the kitchen faucet in the home. Because it is tilted for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria.

It is recommended to clean it once a week, unscrew the filter, soak it with a bleach solution, and rinse it with water.


Kitchen trash can: food residues, dust and more bacteria enter the kitchen waste, wash with bleach instead of solution once a week, especially rubber caps.


Door mats: A study found that nearly 96% of the soles carry pathogens such as bacteria. It is recommended that they be disinfected once a week. When changing shoes, do not put food bags and backpacks on hand.


Vacuum cleaner: Recent research has found that E. coli is detected on 13% of vacuum cleaner brushes.

Therefore, the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner should be replaced frequently, but it should be carried out above to prevent dust and bacteria from scattering into the room.

Clean the vicinity of the suction port with an alternative bleach solution and let it air dry.


Rags: A recent US study found that 7% of kitchen wipes are infected with super bacteria.

In addition, rags can easily carry other bacteria such as the colon.

Use a paper towel to clean the kitchen work surface. The cloth is only used to clean the kettle and dishes just washed.

And replace it in time, or disinfect twice a week.


Car dashboard: Tests on 100 cars in the United States found that the car dashboard is the most common point of bacterial transmission, so it must be disinfected and scrubbed frequently.


Hand sanitizer boxes in public places: 25% of public toilet hand sanitizer boxes contain E. coli.

It is recommended to wash your hands with hot water for 20 seconds after use.


Restaurant seasoning bottle: Many people have used the seasoning bottle in the restaurant, it is difficult to breed bacteria, you can take it with a paper towel.


Refrigerator partition: A survey of 160 homes by the University of Arizona found that the mold detection in refrigerator partitions accumulated 83%.

Scrub at least once a week with a bleach replacement solution or disinfectant.


Mobile phones: Numerous studies have found that mobile phones and mobile phone cases carry countless viruses, including staphylococci and salmonella.

Rinse regularly with alcohol and disinfectant. Don’t keep your phone and other personal belongings together.