Self-acupoint massage for lumbar muscle strain

Self-acupoint massage for lumbar muscle strain

Because of the working relationship, the habitual posture is poor, causing the lumbar muscles to be in a state of tension, or because the acute injury treatment is not cured, or the rain is cold, and the cause is changed due to wetness and the like.

Chinese medicine believes that the waist is the house of the kidney, and it can replenish the kidney and strengthen the waist through self-pushing.

  Main points: 1.

揉 spleen 2, 揉 俞 3 3, 揉 室 4 4, 揉 揉 大 5, 主要 揉 俞 5 , , , , , , , , , 主要 主要 主要 主要 主要 主要 主要 主要 主要 主要 主要 主要 主要 主要 主要 主要 主要 主要 主要 主要 主要 主要 主要Twenty centimeters above the back waist, the main method, the two hands on the points, press hard 30-50 times; rub to a local heat.


Shenshu is located under the spinous process of the second lumbar vertebrae. The two lateral fingers are used to take acupoints. The thumb of both hands is pressed at the eleventh rib end, the hands are protected by the waist, the middle finger is forced, and the four fingers are pressed together, 20-30 times.


The lumbosacral spine from the Shenshu to the tailbone, the left and right distance from the midline of the lumbar vertebrae, the method of the five-finger finger, the hands and fingers are close together, the palm roots are pressed upwards in the Shenshu, and the hands are rubbed repeatedly from top to bottom.

30-50 times, fever.


Zhishi is in the two fingers of Shenshu, the technique: both hands make a fist at the same time, the forefinger is placed in the palm of the room, and the sputum is pressed 20-40, and then rubbed with the palm of the finger for 20-40 times until the waist is hot.


The large intestine is under the spinous process of the fourth lumbar vertebrae, with two fingers open.

That is, at the two fingers of the lumbar vertebra above the ankle.

Manipulation, hands and waist, or fist fist with the index finger metacarpophalangeal joint press 20-50 times.

  Coupled with turning to the waist, the activity of leaning over the toes before the event will be twice the result with half the effort.

Let the elderly relocate and make a stable transition

Let the elderly relocate and make a stable transition

Wang Bobo is 76 years old and retired from cadres.

I am healthy when I retire, but I can prevent colds because I feel less contact with people. I often stay at home and don’t want to move around.

Three months after retiring, Wang Bobo began to feel his legs weak and stubbornly believed that weakness in his legs was a sign of serious illness.

As a result, Wang Bobo became the hospital’s long-term illness, and gradually gradually increased to the extent that he needed someone to feed him, dress, and get on the bed.

  Old people who are retired, if they can’t adapt to a new life as soon as possible, passively stress, it is very likely that they will be surrounded by danger because of “psychological cold.”

Wang Bobo is a situation in which the retirement of “soft landing” failed.

  The retirement period of the elderly is at the maturity of the transition, and the juniors are no longer dependent on themselves as they used to.

This not only brings the family’s empty nest, but also the feeling of loneliness and loss.

  Modern society is changing with each passing day. The speed of knowledge update of the elderly is no less than that of young people. The channels for obtaining information are relatively narrow. At the same time, the concept of “self-aging” is strengthened, and it is easy to feel that the body function is declining.

To face a new social environment, integrate new social interactions, and reposition the social roles that have long been used to, so retirement is also called another major turning point in people’s lives.

To truly achieve a safe “landing”, it will inevitably require a certain psychological preparation and adjustment time.

  In fact, retirement does not mean the end of a temporary life, but can be seen as the beginning of another wonderful life.

The children left their own space to give them a free life. In the days when they regain their freedom to control their lives, they will locate new life points, find interest, and avoid excessive attention to their old and weak in the value-added of self-worth.Provide a powerful buffer for a smooth “soft landing” after retirement.

Rainwater gangster diet

Rainwater gangster diet

In the spring, the climate is getting warmer, but the wind is dry and dry. The skin often appears, the tongue is dry, and the lips are chapped. Therefore, you should eat more fresh vegetables and juicy fruits to supplement the body’s water.

Another hot porridge to regulate the spleen and stomach.

Since the spring is the beginning of all things, the yang is more than the season of the sun, should eat less greasy things, so as not to help the yang to leak, otherwise the liver wood is too much, then the spleen.

In the Tang Dynasty, the health stylist Sun Sizhen said in the “Qian Jin Fang”: “Spring 72 days, the province is rich in acid, to raise the temper.

In the five elements, the liver is wood, the taste is acid, the spleen belongs to the soil, the taste is sweet, and the wood is superior to the soil.

Therefore, the spring diet should eat less sour, eat more sweet, to raise the spleen.

Replace amaranth, camphor, lily, pea seedling, sage, leeks, spring bamboo shoots, yam, medlar, taro, radish, alfalfa, sugar cane, etc.

However, those with cold body conditions should choose according to their own heights.

  In addition, Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach are “the root of the day after tomorrow”, “the source of qi and blood biochemistry”, the strength of the spleen and stomach is an important factor determining people’s health.

  Therefore, in addition to paying attention to evacuating the liver and qi, and helping the yang, rain and water maintenance is also a major point.

  Before the rain and thrifty, the “rainwater health soup” was taken in the middle and the last three days. It has symptoms for the moist and spleen and stomach, and can adjust the slight imbalance of the viscera and blood to prevent and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

  Specific practices: take 15 grams of white fungus, 15 grams of walnuts, the right amount of millet, 枸杞 30 grams of porridge; and take 200 ml at 10 am every day.

  In the rainy season, the horror is coming.

Therefore, Yan Yanchuan specifically recommended several nutritious and healthy recipes for this period of time.

  桂圆阿胶红枣粥  [配料]粳米100克、桂圆肉20克、阿胶10克、枣(干)10克。  [Practice]First, the rice is washed clean, soaked in cold water, and drained; take a large cup, pour boiling water, put the gelatin and white wine in a small cup; sit the small cup in boiling water until the gelatin dissolves;Longan meat to impurities, washed, red dates washed to the core; add about 2000 ml of cold water and longan, red dates, boil over medium heat to excess volume; add rice, boil over high heat, then cook over low heatInto the porridge; add melted gelatin and mix well.

  [Effect]Yiqi nourishing yin, strengthening the kidney and strengthening the body, promoting blood and nourishing blood, moisturizing and beauty.

  红枣首乌粥  [配料]何首乌50克、粳米100克、红枣5枚,红糖适量。  [Practice]Put the Polygonum multiflorum in the casserole, add 1000 ml of water, and then fry for 15 minutes with simmer. After the slag is taken, take 500 ml of the concentrated juice. Put the rice and red dates into the casserole.

After the porridge is added, add brown sugar and season it.

  [Effect]Yiqi blood, liver and kidney.

  凉拌双耳  [配料]水发银耳、黑木耳各100克,盐、味精、白糖、胡椒粉、麻油适量。  [Practice]Water tremella, black fungus to remove impurities, washed with water, boiling water for 5 minutes, then put into cold water for 5 minutes, control the dry water and then plate.

Put the above seasonings into a bowl according to your taste and mix thoroughly with cold water. Pour it on the “ears” and mix well.

  [功效] 益气补血、养肝益肾。

The most amazing thin waist to reduce belly meals

The most amazing thin waist to reduce belly meals

Want to lose weight easily, now provide a set of fruit meals to easily lose your little belly, the cognitive mm does not hinder the weekend to try!

It only takes two days to lose weight each time.

The normal diet was resumed in the third and fourth days, and then started two more days.

Generally, the obvious thin abdomen effect can be seen in the first cycle.

If you repeat two or three cycles, the effect is more stable.

  Day 1: Apple 1 kg (five or six, no more than seven).

In this day, you can only eat apples all day, can’t drink water, can’t drink yogurt, can’t eat anything!

Eat only apples.

Wash the apples while eating, then slowly sip a little bite.

  The next day: 1000 ml of yogurt or skim milk, divided into six and seven equal portions, one drink each time.

Drink only milk all day, can’t eat anything else, use milk instead of water when you are thirsty.

(Also milk, yogurt at the same time, but pay attention to the amount.

If you reach the ideal weight, you can use this method again.

In the middle, you can’t drink water.

You can’t mix apples and milk together, you have to eat them separately, so that it works.

Can not drink water, because if we ingest water during weight loss, then the body must first absorb the absorbed water, and will not consume the body’s water.

Eating apples on the day of water, basically reducing the body’s water, on the day of drinking milk, the water is reduced almost, it will be reduced to sputum.

  Key tip: Drinking milk is critical and you can’t drink water.

If you cycle a few times, you can definitely get down.

And it will actually reduce the cockroaches in the body.

It is recommended that this method be implemented on weekends as a good way to reduce bowel weight.

Climb the stairs to lose weight, I lost 59 pounds in three months.

Climb the stairs to lose weight, I lost 59 pounds in three months.

The protagonist of this issue: Xiao Song height: 174cm before weight loss: 205 weight loss time: three months of the most fat time: 205 kg current weight: 146 kg. weight loss is still in progress Comments: In the interview process, Xiao Song said becauseIt used to be too fat and never taken pictures, so it was called a re-contrast.

“The fat man has a natural resistance to shooting.

“I used to reach 205 pounds. I was 180 pounds three years ago. I used to eat and sleep very much. When I slept in the summer, I slept for an afternoon. Then I used to go online all night.”

In May of 3 years ago, I started to quit smoking, and then I found a job. The job was not stressful, but the time was not fixed. I often did it at 4 o’clock in the evening and then I ate 5 times a day.

After quitting smoking, my appetite increased and my weight increased. By the time of the Spring Festival in 2008, I weighed 205 pounds and climbed the stairs to pant.

Someone else asked me outside: “Fat, how many months have you been pregnant?

“This makes me very impatient.

One day, an acquaintance came to my house. I was naked. He came in and said, “Can you still move like this?”

At that time, self-esteem was stimulated.

  After reading other people’s weight loss stories and starting to lose weight after being stimulated by friends for two days, I watched a news on CCTV5, a big fat man of 200 kilograms, running at home, reduced to 130 kilograms, which made me veryI was stimulated, really, I never felt that I was fatter before, others told me to lose weight, I also responded, and I never assured others of my heart. After watching CCTV5, I decided to try to lose weight.

  The first stage: small exercise weight loss – climb the stairs back and forth 10 times, the people on the TV said to run on the spot, the first day, also did a few minutes, can not stand.

That day I really felt that my physical condition was very poor. The next day, I told my family that I want to lose weight, and then the family said, can you do it, I will definitely do it, or how can I give up the cigarette?.
From that day on, I started climbing stairs at home. At the beginning, I climbed upstairs to the downstairs and couldn’t climb back and forth 10 times, and I couldn’t stand it.

My family told me that you climbed slowly and climbed several times. At the beginning, I climbed for more than a week. I was really tired and ready to give up. I just watched the news of CCTV5.Say there is no 21-day theory, saying that as long as you insist on 21 days, you can adapt, so I stick to my teeth.

  The second stage: increase the amount of exercise – climb the stairs 50 + 45 + 30 times a day, the front reset is a small amount of exercise, then my body is a little better, can climb 30 times, I began to set my own goals,At 3:30 in the afternoon, I exercise at a fixed time. I climbed the stairs at home, divided into three times, the first 50 趟, the second 45 趟, the third 35 趟, and then interspersed to do the power exercise.

  The 21-day theory really works!

  After 21 days, I feel that every day’s exercise is like an alarm clock. At this point in time, my mind will remind me that I can’t say it because I don’t feel it. Although I feel very tired, there is another thought in my mind that advises you to give up, but IStill persisted, and once went out, an uncle told me that people are the most forgetful, maybe you are very tired today, but after sleeping, what tired will forget, I listened to this sentence, the firstI lost 10 kilograms a month.

  The third stage: increase the amount of exercise again – the second month of running in situ, I began to increase the amount of exercise, running in place, starting at 9:50 every night, running to 11 o’clock.

This month, it lost another 25 pounds.

  During the weight loss period: As for diet, I wake up every morning to drink a glass of water, then eat an apple, then eat some rice, eat at noon and add vegetables, the same at night, I have no food, the amount of food is less, the meat is rarely eaten.That’s it.

  Some tips for losing weight:

Exercise must be adhered to.

To be honest, the time is so sad when I exercise, but now I look back and find that time passes quickly.

This time I went out to the original work unit and looked at my former colleagues. The feeling, the feeling of being watched and curtained was really comfortable.


The process of quitting smoking also exercised my perseverance.

Everyone who smokes knows how hard it is to quit smoking. I used to pack a pack of cigarettes a day, and then I increased it to one and a half packs a day. At that time, I licked the toilet, brushed my teeth, and vomited. Sometimes I bleed to the bleeding wire. One day.I saw a group of people wanting to quit smoking on I also added it. At the beginning, I spent a week of chewing gum and melon seeds, July beans, and then a group of people in the days of the day.

The windfall is that the self-control is getting stronger. I have too much confidence in losing weight, and I have to quit smoking. What else can I not keep going?


It is very important to give yourself some encouragement: I said to myself, for a week, I went to the street to buy something for myself. I drink boiled water at home, and then for a week, I will go to the supermarket to buy a bottle and activate it.Drinking, others lose weight is not weighing every day, I am called once every two months or one month.

If you say every day, one day suddenly found that your weight has not been reduced, is it not a serious blow to self-confidence?

I am going to call it once a month. I insisted that I can definitely reduce it. This is the best reward for myself.

10 beauty recipes for sleeping beauty

10 beauty recipes for sleeping beauty

Work pressure is high, and sometimes I feel very tired, but what if I can’t sleep or sleep?

So let’s share the beauty of the “sleeping beauty” now.

  Now a very popular sentence: “I went to sleep my beauty.”

“It seems that it is not unreasonable. Full sleep is the most effective and cost-effective maintenance method.”

Modern women seem to suffer from sleep. In fact, sleep is very important for a person’s body and beauty. It can be said that any cosmetics and diet can’t compare with the health effects of sleep on the skin.

  Achieving a perfect “beauty” contour with a reasonable skin rest can promote the division of skin cells.

During the day, the most vigorous metabolism of the skin is at night, especially between 10 pm and 2 am.

If you get a better sleep at this time, you can speed up the metabolism of the skin and delay the aging of the skin.

Can’t miss the night’s sleep, especially from 10pm to 2am.

If you miss it, it is a good time to miss the skin metabolism.


Clean the skin before going to bed, otherwise the dirt will clog the pores, the blood will not reach the surface of the skin, and the skin will not be able to get enough rest.


Can not sleep with sleep, cosmetics will bring burden and tension to the skin, will make the skin dry, not conducive to adequate rest of the skin.


Give the skin enough nutrients.

The skin that has been cleaned and cleaned before going to bed is particularly strong. Therefore, it is a good time to supply skin nutrition before going to bed. You can apply some nutrient cream such as night cream.


Have enough sleep.

Relax when you sleep, sleep peacefully, don’t stay up late, because staying up late is the most likely to cause skin fatigue and aging.


Keep your home’s comfortable humidity before going to bed.

Moderate moisture in the air ensures that the skin is not too dry. A humidifier can be used to add water vapor to the air.


Massage your face gently before going to bed.

Gradually massage from the center of the face to the surrounding area to accelerate the blood circulation of the face, thereby promoting metabolism.

Old people love the pill medicine hidden dangers, which medicines need to be kept _1

Old people love the “pill medicine” hidden dangers, which medicines need to be kept

When people are old, the disease will naturally increase, high blood pressure, gout, angina pectoris, itchy skin, low back and leg pain. The onset of illness, the elderly appear more nervous and anxious, because their body tolerance is reduced, the diseaseThe feeling is even stronger.
Therefore, in the eyes of the elderly, “medicine is life.”
As long as you are uncomfortable, you are busy taking medicine.
Cold medicines, anti-inflammatory drugs, antidiarrheal drugs, stomach medicines. Many old people have prepared a medicine for emergency use.
However, peony is not only a waste, but also easy to expire due to long-term placement, and eating expired drugs can also endanger health.
Most elderly people love peony doctors pointed out that most of the elderly suffer from chronic diseases, physical weakness, in a prepared mentality, often go to pharmacies or hospitals to buy some cold medicines, anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers, antihypertensive drugs, hypoglycemic drugs.
According to the survey, more than 90% of families with elderly people have medicines.
Usually these medicines are bought in whole boxes and in whole bottles. Sometimes they are not used once a month or even months. These medicines are kept in the medicine box, even after they have expired.
The survey also found that because the production date and expiration date printed on the outer packaging of the drug were relatively small, many elderly people could hardly see it clearly, and it was impossible to find out the drug expiration in time.
Taking expired drugs can not only cure the disease, but also damage health or even life-threatening.
Doctors recommend that in addition to the drugs that you must take every day (such as antihypertensive drugs, hypoglycemic agents, etc.), some of the drugs that are not commonly used do not have to be left at home.
Now there are basically pharmacies in the community, and some even operate 24 hours a day. It can be said that medication is also “at your fingertips”. It is not necessary to have a large amount of peony at home.
In addition to emergency medicine, antipyretics, antidiarrheals, anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-allergic drugs, and external use such as band-aid, iodine, etc., a small amount of spare.
“分享”药物危害大 有的慢性病患者为了最大限度使用医保统筹,往往会一开就是一个月的药,家里的药越囤越多,有的老年人干脆就把自己的药分给同样有高The blood pressure of the wife to eat.
Doctors reminded that there are many kinds of drugs for treating hypertension. The antihypertensive mechanism of each drug is different. It has its indications and certain side effects. It must be checked by doctors to take into account the blood pressure level of patients.Other co-existing risk factors, accompanying target organ damage, etc., choose drugs that can effectively reduce blood pressure and protect target organs. Don’t think that “others eat well, I can eat too.”
In addition, after some people are sick, the medicine has not been eaten, the disease has healed, and most of the remaining medicines will be in the family medicine box, in order to prepare the family for “timely needs.”
Experts pointed out that drugs can not be shared freely, improper use can cause damage to health, especially adult drugs can not be given to children.
For example, ephedrine, a commonly used nasal spray for colds, is not available for children.
The doctor said that he had encountered a case in the outpatient clinic. After the grandmother used the ephedrine prescribed by the doctor to spray the nose, the cold and stuffy nose was very good. So the rest of the medicine was present at home. When the little grandson had a cold nose, the grandmother thought that the medicine had obvious effect.It was used by the little grandson.
As a result, the child’s nasal mucosa was damaged, causing drug-induced rhinitis.
“Life-saving drugs” need to be kept in the family with the elderly, the most need to “prepare” is the first-aid medicine, such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and other life-saving drugs should be stored at home.
Elderly people with coronary heart disease and angina pectoris should be prepared with nitroglycerin, heartache and other first-aid medicines, and placed in places where the bed is readily available.
When the disease occurs, take 1 piece quickly and put it under the tongue.
For those with asthma, a tracheal dilatation aerosol to prevent acute asthma attacks should be prepared.
The doctor reminded that the first-aid medication should be checked regularly, and the expired should be processed and updated in time, and the traits of the drug should be checked.
For example, nitroglycerin has a strong volatility. If the drug is placed in a place that is too hot or visible, it will decompose.
Once the drug fails, it can no longer be used, otherwise it will be a mistake.
Therefore, when storing the drug, place it in a colored glass bottle, tighten the cap, and store it in a sealed container.
Nitroglycerin is usually valid for one year, but if the patient repeatedly opens the lid and takes the medicine, the drug is affected by temperature, humidity and light, and the effective period is shortened to 3-6 months.
Therefore, when using nitroglycerin, pay attention to its expiration date and replace it in time.
Family medicine kits should be checked regularly. Old Chinese medicine doctors reminded that if medicines are stored at home, they should be checked regularly.
If you want to know if the drug has changed, there are several simple ways to judge it – look at the drug for discoloration, rupture or mildew; second pinch, see if the capsule is pinched with obvious softening and rupture;, plastic pills, etc., smell a smell or odor; four touches, sugar tablets and capsules, if the drugs stick to each other, it should not be taken; five shakes, suspension, oral liquid, syrup, eye drops, nose dropsAgent, etc., shake it to see if there is any precipitation.

TCM health care for the night

TCM health care for the night

When someone else gives you the title of “night owl”, only you know how hard it is to fight the night; the blank brain, the blurry gaze, plus the sore back of the sore – or simply use the traditional Chinese medicine to effectively maintain the methodSave yourself.

Inverted to deal with dizziness, working for too long, the brain can not help but stunned, and the idea is stuck in somewhere.

Chinese medicine support: inverted.

Inverted can increase blood supply to the brain and improve response.

This method has a good health effect on the following symptoms: not sleeping at night, memory loss, mental inability to concentrate, low back pain, shoulder stiffness, headache, etc.

People with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should refrain from using this method.

When the slaps are used to deal with the difficulties and the lights are all extinguished, the sleepiness is unconsciously hit, but the strong blink of an eye is bursting into confusion – the Chinese medicine trick: tapping.

Pat the head, pat the target, pat the thigh – all the places that feel tired, all beat.

Don’t underestimate the tapping, slap method is one of the traditional Chinese medicine massage methods, which can promote blood circulation, eliminate muscle fatigue, and promote blood circulation, refreshing and refreshing.

Suanzaoren has dealt with insomnia and finally insisted on doing the work, but when it fell to the bed in a dizzy mood, the brain was awake and insomnia–Traditional Chinese medicine trick: Suanzaoren.

Suanzaoren has the effect of calming the nerves, calming the sweat, and calming the sleep. It is very suitable for the troubles caused by staying up late. If you can pre-cook the jujube porridge and the sour jujube, wait until the work is finished, for sleep.helpful.

Lightning injury and its ambulance

Lightning injury and its ambulance

In the summer evening, the sky was overcast, heavy rain, a lightning strike through the sky, and there was a faint thunder in the distance.

Suddenly, the phone in the rescue room rang quickly, and a residential community found someone lying in the muddy rain, life and death are unknown.

When our ambulance arrived at the scene, the medical staff found that the face and lips of the wounded had been bruised, the pupils were loose and fixed, the arterial pulsation disappeared, and the breathing stopped.

The injured person was about 20 years old, and the bag was slanted with test questions and reference books. He held a mobile phone in his hand.

The fingers have burnt marks.

Judging from the scene, the injured person may be injured by lightning and sudden cardiac arrest.

We urgently performed on-site cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but because of the shortened cardiac arrest time, the rescue did not help.

  Summer is a season of thunderstorms. In addition to economic losses, the disaster caused by lightning can even cause personal injury and threaten people’s lives.

According to historical records, the Palace of the Taihe Temple was once burnt by lightning, and the number of deaths is unknown.

  Thunder and lightning can cause harm to the human body In an era of underdeveloped science, people are full of horror of thunder and lightning. They think that it is the god of anger and punishes those who are guilty.

Later, transforming the development of science, people gradually learned that lightning is a natural phenomenon.

Lightning is a huge electric spark.

Human beings are electrical conductors. If they are directly hit by the lightning and are transmitted to the ground through the main shaft body, the heart and nerves can be paralyzed. At this time, the heart may stop beating, or ventricular fibrillation may occur, that is, the heartbeat is extremely irregular, and the heart cannot be effective.The ground is shot, the person who is crushed has no pulse, no blood pressure; the damage of the brain nerve can directly inhibit the heartbeat and the respiratory center, causing death within a few.

In addition, although it is not directly hit by lightning, it can cause an accident.

This is because when the human body is close to the lightning strike point, a part of the lightning current can enter the human body through the “step voltage”.

  Thunderstorm weather should remember: ● When you are lightning, first close the doors and windows to prevent lightning from entering the house.

  ● Indoor personnel are away from metal objects such as doors and windows, water pipes, and gas pipes.

  ● Avoid using a solar water heater to bathe during lightning.

  ● Try not to use electrical appliances during lightning, and unplug the power plug to prevent lightning from entering the power supply.

  ● Do not call when lightning, especially if you can’t call the mobile phone. The young student who went to the first aid is probably deadly when I hit the mobile phone during lightning.

  ●Pedestrians on the road during lightning, when they are sheltered from the rain, they cannot approach closed high-rise buildings, poles, chimneys, towering corners, billboards, towers, etc., and they cannot stand in the open high ground or under the trees to hide from the rain.Try to find low-lying or squats to lower your body height.

  ● Stop swimming, boating, fishing and other water activities immediately.

  ● If multiple people are in the same place, do not squeeze each other to prevent the current from being connected to each other after being struck by lightning.

  How should we save ourselves in the event of a lightning disaster?

  In the summer when lightning is frequent, people should pay great attention to lightning protection and master some methods to save first aid.

  Start with a burn, if the clothes are on fire after being injured by lightning, you should lie down immediately, roll on the spot, or climb in the watery depression, in the pool, so that the flame does not burn the face, in order to prevent respiratory suffocation and death.

The rescuer can pour water on the injured person to extinguish the fire, or use a thick coat and a blanket to extinguish the fire.

The injured should remember not to run scared, which means that the fire is burning more and more.

The burns can be rinsed with cold water and then wrapped in a clean cloth such as a clean handkerchief.

  If there is a sudden drop in the lightning, the lips are blue, sigh like breathing or not breathing, loudly calling no reflection, indicating that the injured person lost consciousness, respiratory heartbeat sudden stop.

Immediate on-site cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be performed.

According to statistics, if the cardiopulmonary resuscitation can be effectively performed within 6 minutes of the heartbeat of the injured person, the survival rate of the rescue can reach more than 40%, but if the time is delayed, the survival rate of the rescue is significantly reduced.

If the cardiopulmonary resuscitation is performed 15 minutes after the heartbeat stops, the hope of survival of the injured person is almost zero.

Moreover, even after the heartbeat of the injured person has stopped for 6 minutes, even the recovery is successful, which also brings serious sequelae to the nervous system, such as long-term coma and death.

  On-site cardiopulmonary resuscitation is also called primary life support, including artificial respiration and heart failure.

The specific method is as follows: firstly, the injured person is transferred to a safe place (at the same time pay attention to the safety of emergency personnel), and then the injured person is gently placed on the ground gently, the rescuer’s legs are separated, and the complications on the injured person areThe index finger and the middle finger are close together to hold the injured person’s ankle and keep the airway open.

Wrap the wounded person’s mouth with his own mouth, and squeeze the injured person’s nose with the other hand. After inhaling, blow the injured person’s lungs hard, see the injured person’s chest swell, then relax the hand and put the opening.I saw the wounded eyes fall back.

After two consecutive insufflations, the heart is suddenly killed.The palm of one hand is placed on the intersection of the injured sternum and the two nipples, close to the injured chest wall, the other hand is overlapped in the first hand, vertically inserted by the body’s gravity, causing the injured thorax to sink 4-5 cm, bias frequency is about 100 times per minute.

First, the heart contracts 15 times, and the mouth-to-mouth artificial breath type blows 2 times.

Calling 120 at the same time as cardiopulmonary resuscitation is expected to transition to advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation in time

  Expert Tip: The 2005 new cardiopulmonary resuscitation guidelines suggest that the adult first aid life chain includes: early identification of cardiac arrest, call 120; early on-site cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR); early defibrillation; early advanced life support (ACLS).

This can greatly improve the success rate of rescue.

Older people in the spring anti-depression three small squares: more sun, more sports, more chat

Older people in the spring anti-depression three small squares: more sun, more sports, more chat

Spring is a high season for various mental illnesses such as depression and depression.

Ke Donglong, director of the Psychology Department of Quanzhou Mental Health Center in Fujian Province, put forward the suggestion: more sun, more exercise, more chat, can effectively prevent psychological “cold”.

  Ke Donglong believes that there are many reasons for the high incidence of mental illness in spring. “One year is in spring.” In the new year, everyone has high expectations for themselves, hoping to change some unsatisfactory conditions last year.

Especially since last year, due to the impact of the economic environment, many people’s work, life, employment and other pressures have increased; the spring in the south is rainy, forward, the pressure is relatively low, people are vulnerable to depression; spring sleep, insomnia and other sleep disorders, causing many people to feel weak during the day.

When you encounter these situations, most people can adjust it quickly, but some people who are more introverted, lonely, sentimental, or pursuing perfection are easily pessimistic and sensitive to some normal information. When they encounter a little difficultyI feel very desperate. When I encounter a problem, I think about it in a negative way and think that I can’t change anything.

  To change these psychological states, Ke Donglong teaches you six “small prescriptions”: 1.

When the weather is good, take part in some outdoor activities, soak up the sun and feel a lot more pleasant.


Depressed, when you are not happy, talk to friends and talk about confusing things.


Pay attention to rest, maintain a good mental state, and handle things more easily, enhance satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.


Learn to accept the reality, treat each day with tolerance, a calm attitude, and accumulate the happiness of each day, and you will be happy every day.


Appropriately reduce expectations, especially those who pursue perfection in everything.

After setting the goal, you can divide the big goal into several small goals and implement them one by one.


Once you have fluctuating emotions, don’t panic. You can eat chocolate and other snacks you like. You can ease your anxiety first. You can also relax your mind through shopping, exercise, and other habits, but you should not rely too much on it.