Whitening freckle from the inside out

Whitening freckle from the inside out

How to take care of yourself has always been an enduring topic among women.
Many urban women are working hard to improve their beauty and beauty in order to resist the erosion of the years. The first method is to use various makeup and skin care products to help them resist aging and whiten skin.
As everyone knows, under the bright and beautiful appearance, the skin has long been a hidden crisis.
Various chemicals cause subtle erosion to the body, which will gradually appear over time. Various stains, dependence on cosmetics, and even the risk of carcinogenesis will come.
In fact, the appearance of pigmentation, pigmentation, and faintness on women’s faces are all signs of abnormal body functions. Covering them with makeup and skin care products from the outside only treats the symptoms but not the root cause, and cannot fundamentally solve the problem.
Women’s beauty is best started by improving their internal functions.
Women who love beauty and pursue health can try to consume the old Chinese medicine almond barley whitening paste.
Almonds are one of the best helpers for women’s health and beauty. Almonds are rich in vitamin E and flavonoids. These antioxidants can form a synergistic effect and produce 1 + 1> 2 antioxidant effects, effectively reducing freedom.DNA damage caused by amino acids, strengthens the body’s antioxidant function, thereby helping people to prevent the occurrence of many chronic diseases and delay aging.
At the same time, almonds are rich in dietary fiber. A handful of large American almonds (23 grains and about 28 grams in weight) contain an amount of dietary fiber equal to that of an orange or apple. The fiber rich in almonds can reduce fat absorption and promote defecation, which is not only good for controlIts own weight reduces the absorption of calories and helps to eliminate harmful substances in the body and protects the health of the gastrointestinal tract.
Another good product for whitening and beauty is barley.
Indica rice has rich nutritional and medicinal values. Many ancient books in China have recorded this. It has always been regarded as a boon by women because of its whitening and anti-aging effects. It has been highly respected since ancient times.
Indica barley contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, which can promote metabolism and reduce gastrointestinal burden. It can be used as a tonic food for frail patients during or after illness; regular consumption of indica rice food is also effective for chronic enteritis and indigestion.
Indica rice can enhance renal function and has a heat-clearing and diuretic effect, so it is also effective for edema patients. Modern pharmacological studies have proven that indica rice has anti-cancer effects. Its anti-cancer active ingredients include selenium, which can effectively inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells.It can be used for adjuvant treatment of gastric cancer and cervical cancer; healthy people often eat barley, which can make the body light and light, and reduce the incidence of tumors; barley contains a certain amount of vitamin E, which is a beauty food. Regular food can keep human skin shiny and delicate.Eliminates acne, stains and improves skin tone.
The old Chinese medicine almond barley whitening paste is made from the finest almonds and barley supplemented with peanuts, brown rice, oat honey, etc. At breakfast or afternoon tea, a cup of almond barley whitening paste can replace meals and playWhitening and beauty effect.
It is easy to absorb, convenient to eat, just stir with boiling water.
Among the female friends who love beauty and pursue fast and convenient, they are also welcomed and sought after.
You who love beauty and fashion, also come to take the time to try it, there will be unexpected gains!
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The latest fitness method teaches you to create sexy abs

The latest fitness method teaches you to create sexy abs

Every man dreams of having eight clear-cut abdominal muscles like a bodybuilder star, but the most difficult exercise in the human body is probably the abdominal muscles, and the most popular and highly regarded abdominal muscle training method is nothing moreEveryone is doing sit-ups.

At this Asian Fitness Fitness Conference, Helen Vanderborg, an international fitness instructor from Canada and a former world synchronized swimming champion, overcame the latest scientific abdominal training method for us.

  Helen Vanderburg pointed out that the human body’s abdominal muscles can be systematically divided into three categories: local stable muscles, overall stable muscles, and active muscle groups.

And these three types of muscle groups play different roles in the entire abdominal muscles: Locally stabilized muscles are the foundation of the entire muscle tissue. It controls the neutral position and can continue to work at low lengths.

It includes deep multifidus muscles, transverse abdominal muscles, transverse extensions, pelvic floor muscles and lumbar muscles; the overall stabilizing muscle is responsible for creating the structure of the entire muscle group. It is relatively superficial and controls movements, especially eccentric contractions. It cannot sustainjobs.

Including superficial multifidus, oblique and external abdominal muscles, gluteus glutes, gluteus maximus, and adductor short muscles; the active muscle group responsible for creating movements also plays the role of controlling movements (especially centripetal), as well asAbility to work continuously.
It includes the erector spinae, rectus abdominis, oblique abdomen, rectus femoris, adductor longus, and some glutes.

  Therefore, when practicing abdominal muscles, we must take all three into consideration, and adopt different methods to practice according to their characteristics.

  In addition, we also need to understand the nature of correct posture.

If everyone has the wrong posture distribution and muscle imbalance, it will affect the main shaft movement and cause increased pressure on the spine and surrounding muscle tissue.

Core training also needs to consider the division of the pelvis and shoulder straps.

  Here’s how to exercise the abdominal muscles specifically: (1) Deep core stability-abdominal support.

These are the basis of all abdominal and core training.

Stability training needs to be performed at medium speed with very light strength.

This allows the training consciousness to permeate in isolation, isometric contraction exercises.

Deep spinal stem stabilizing muscles include transverse abdominal muscles, pelvic floor muscles, some internal oblique muscles, and transverse muscles.

Specific examples of exercises are: prone (belly lifted), supine (internal unit independent).

  (2) Core stable muscle group-weight bearing.

These are used to train muscles against strength to stabilize the spine.

These are mostly high-intensity exercises that require stronger internal consciousness and more activities of the internal and external oblique muscles.

Avoid using the rectus abdominis to stabilize during the practice, otherwise it will not produce much effect.

In fact, you can also intuitively find that when the rectus abdominis plays a major role in exercise, it will obviously swell and expand, so it is necessary to confirm in time whether you are in the correct posture and exercise properly.

Specific examples of exercises are: combination of arm lift and heel slide, “dead insect” type-knee joint lifting, single leg and double leg circle type, etc.

  (3) Stability in activities-activities.

These are mainly to increase trunk activity while challenging core stable muscle groups.

Specific examples are: one-leg gradually straightening type, full-width abdominal roll-up type, side-recumbent roll-up type, side support plus side curve and back bridge, it is best to supplement leg movement on the back bridge.

  (4) Complete spindle dry action-complete.

These are added to the complete trunk movement to challenge the core stable muscle group, and also a functional training.

The main examples are: standing posture with the spine scrolling down, one-leg squat, and lunge squatting while inverting the trunk.

  In short, make it clear that if you want to have sexy abdominal muscles, you can’t “single leaf”, but to connect the entire skeletal stem and every muscle on the body.

8 tips for beginner yogis

8 tips for beginner yogis

Yoga is a system that helps humans reach their full potential by raising awareness.

Yoga posture uses ancient and easy-to-master techniques to improve people’s physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual abilities. It is a way to achieve the harmonious unity of body, mind, and spirit.

  For beginners, in practicing yoga, there are certain things that need to be paid more attention to avoid injury and achieve the best results?

The following 8 points, if you do it during the practice, you can do more with less.

  I. Breathing Breathing here refers to “deep and gentle deep breathing”, because we generally use only 30% of breathing function in breathing in daily life, you can get back the remaining 70% of potential through yoga, so always remember: Deep, deep, deep breathing!

  Second, warm up. If you maintain a posture for a few minutes in your daily life, and feel numb when you move your body, it means that your blood circulation is slow enough to protest to you with numbness.

Such people need to warm up for 15-20 minutes before practicing yoga; if you usually have a good habit of exercise, as long as you warm up for 5-10 minutes, you can start formal practice!

  However, without warming up is resolutely impossible!



  Third, relax With relaxation you have softness, with softness your muscles have elasticity, with elasticity you can avoid a lot of sports injuries, and your movements are elegant and coordinated, so do n’t be nervous, let yourself relax and enjoyThe charm of yoga.

  Fourth, the feeling of practicing yoga must “follow the feeling”, you must be more sensitive to your “feeling”, to understand whether you are physically balanced?

Is there any stress or discomfort?

More importantly, you need to feel if you can feel the twist, folding, stretching, squeezing, etc. of the yoga asana to your body. Do not stretch hard in pursuit of standard movements, just to your limit, Yoga begins to work.

  Fifth, focus and feeling are inseparable. Only when you focus can you experience your feelings. Use focus to lead consciousness to taste, experience, harvest, improve, and enjoy . 6. Balance “balance” is very important to your healthYes, moderately balanced tolerant glow, people who lose their balance are absolutely overshadowed.

If you are a sedentary office worker for a long time, you need to practice more correct postures. If you are engaged in work for a long time, you should practice lying, lying, and sitting postures to find the balance of the whole body.

  7. Continue to use yoga as a part of your life. It is best to practice for about 30 minutes a day. If you want to lose weight, you need to practice for more than 40 minutes. However, do n’t restrict yourself too much. If you feel tired, you can onlyPractice for 5 minutes, adjust your physiology, and increase the practice time. In short, it is right to keep the “contact” of the body and yoga every day.

  Eight, falling in love with yoga can only make you achieve the above 7 points of advice from the heart, when yoga changes your body, make you more beautiful and healthier, I believe you will love it sincerely!

Why do people choose to commit suicide

Why do people choose to commit suicide

Death is still the biggest problem facing human beings. In the history of human thought and culture, death is just as much an eternal theme as love.

Suicide is the most unique death phenomenon.

  With the advancement of medicine, the mortality of human beings caused by diseases such as high blood pressure and cancer continues to decline.

At the same time, the threat of suicide to human life has become increasingly prominent.

According to statistics from the World Health Organization, about 37 people die each year from suicide worldwide, and the proportion of attempted suicides is estimated to be 10 times that number.

In the United States, suicide is the third leading cause of death among college students, with a 50% higher incidence than peers who are not in college.

Among young people, college students are usually the second leading cause of suicide after accidents.

  This article attempts to look at the most extreme tragic phenomenon in life from the perspective of psychological research, and to explore the underlying psychological causes of human actions.

  (A) the psychological process of suicide according to developmental psychology research, 2?
3-year-olds often confuse death with sleep.

Eight-year-olds have been able to understand the importance of death, but it is still difficult to view death as a common, final outcome.

Most people start from 8?
It’s common to start dying at the age of 10, and you know you’ll die someday.

It can be seen that suicide, the human consciousness, is acquired the day after tomorrow. It only develops to a certain age, and suicide in the human sense cannot occur in the animal world, because animals do not have the consciousness of the highest stage of psychological development.

Animals do not understand the meaning of life. There are only two behaviors of animals: not to escape or to survive, and to escape to survive better.

Engels pointed out: “If an animal constantly affects its surroundings, this happens unintentionally and it is an accident for the animal itself.

But the further away humans are from animals, the more their role in nature becomes more thoughtful, planned, and moving towards certain and known goals.

“So suicide is a human will act with conscious participation.

  Suicide motives are often caused by unmet needs that are of paramount importance to the parties.

A person’s desire to obtain the emotional experience of someone who is obstructed or interrupted in their behavior is psychologically called frustration.

After a long-term or severe setback, when a person’s tolerance is unbearable, a sense of helplessness will arise. Under certain incentives, it is possible to make people escape reality and choose suicide as a method of relief.

Therefore, it can also be said that suicide is the deliberate act of self-destruction of life by the individual in the psychologically helpless state driven by a specific inducement.

  (2) Psychological Motivation of Suicide Many great people, when celebrities cannot bear the physical and psychological pressure, are apt to choose quick death to commit suicide.

Van Gogh, Hemingway, etc. are all famous additions.

Aristotle said: “Anyone who is good is inevitable.

“Most of the great people who are on the road to suicide are in various mental illnesses with depression, inferiority, anxiety, loneliness, fear and other emotional disorders. The most important and fundamental thing is the self-conscious chaos and breakthrough.

  Some scholars divide suicide into normal suicide and abnormal suicide.

The former’s objective and objective environmental factors induce the intensity and subjective tolerance to psychological conflict; and it is closely related to psychological disorders.

Mild mental disorders include neurosis, personality disorder, alcohol or drug dependence, adaptation disorders, etc. Serious mental disorders include severe psychosis, physical disorders associated with mental disorders, schizophrenia, manic depression, paranoid psychosis, Severe reactive psychosis, etc.

Most people who attempt suicide are mostly in a state of neurosis or depression, which means they have a mental disorder.

These psychological obstacles manifest in the psychological process mainly in emotional pessimism, loneliness and depression, weak will and loss of control, and cognitive stubbornness and narrowness.

Regarding the cause and motivation of suicide, according to statistics, school problems accounted for 27.

8%, gender relations accounted for 16.

2%, mental disorders accounted for 13.

2%, family problems accounted for 10.


School issues are dominated by men, and gender relations are dominated by women. Especially in adolescence, family issues, examination issues, gender issues, and skepticism about life, boredom, and loneliness may be the main motivation for suicide.
  (3) Psychological Intervention for Suicide Suicide is the product of individual maladaptiveness during social operation.

It is a relatively complicated socio-psychological phenomenon, which is the result of complex interactions among human physiological, psychological, social ecological and social cultural factors.

Indeed, unhealthy individual psychology will reduce a person’s ability to adapt to society, while bad social environmental factors will lead to a form of good psychological quality.
But how does it work? For each living individual, the social and environmental factors can only be the externally known causes of suicide, and the real and final decisive factor is the individual’s psychological factors, including the individual’s outlook on life., Goal pursuit, value advocacy, personal life choice tendency, personal social adaptability, psychological endurance, etc.

In fact, in addition to strengthening social interventions for suicide, we should minimize suicide emotions, the spread of the atmosphere of the mass media, strengthen the correct outlook on life, the education of the world outlook, and eliminate feudal superstitions.Intervention work to raise the level of suicide prevention.

  (1) To understand and identify high-risk groups of suicide through observation methods, talking methods, investigation and interview methods, etc., to achieve prevention purposes.

  (2) Use psychological measurement tools (measuring instruments, psychological scales, etc.) to perform psychological measurements on people at high risk of suicide or attempted suicide.

For example, American clinical psychologist A.

Beck’s psychological measurement of the 384 suicide attempters found that their disappointment scores were high, so Baker believes that the link between disappointment and the consequences of suicide is more important than depression.

  (3) Establish modern communication equipment such as crisis intervention telephones to timely rescue those in crisis and attempt suicide.

For example, many large cities abroad have established suicide prevention centers, called “lifelines.”

After the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Chinese Communist Youth League opened the nation’s first 24-hour crisis intervention telephone “Sunline” in mid-June 1992, the Institute of Progressive Health Education established a “Hotline”, and China Youth Daily established a “Youthline” in Beijing, etc.

The successive establishment of hotlines throughout the country has prolonged the role of channeling and mitigation to a certain extent, but hotlines are only suitable for those who can call for help on their own initiative and have great limitations.

  (4) Develop psychological counseling activities to help patients with mental illness to overcome psychological obstacles and maintain mental health; help to tap individual potential for health and improve mental quality.

China’s psychological counseling started late, and it is only a few years so far. It lacks accumulated experience and it is difficult to meet the needs of the times and the needs of spiritual civilization construction.

As the saying goes: “Heart disease requires heart medicine.

Therefore, a richer and deeper mental health education within a reasonable range is still imminent.

  Without the courage and confidence to face death, there is no real person.

In Ostrovsky’s “Life is Struggle,” he said: “Only people like me who love life, struggle, and the construction of a new and better world like me, only we have seen and understoodPeople who have the full meaning of life will not die casually, even if they have only a little chance, they cannot give up their lives.

Therefore, it is not difficult for us to understand the famous poem of the Zangke family: “Some people are alive, he is already dead; others are dead, he is still alive.

“Einstein said initially:” Only when people dedicate themselves to society can they find the meaning of that short and risky life.

“To treat life well, you should always be sincere.

It is the undefeated landscape of evergreen in life.

What does the woman who comes out of the wall want?

What does the woman who comes out of the wall want?

Is Hongxing’s patent for the lonely young woman out of the wall?

Studies have found that more and more derailed protagonists are their wives.

What do women think when they are derailed?

  When a marriage stabilizes, women often stay with a man because of his dependence on security and fear of loneliness.

The long, dull days made them curious about the world outside the wall.

Gradually started on the wall, riding on the wall to see the scenery.

Of course, it will inevitably fall out of the wall afterwards, and the feeling outside the wall will be more exciting than inside the wall.

Derailment then gave a woman a chance to think: “Do I need passion and sex incorrectly?

Can each really replace my current life?

“Looking for a life that feels flat and boring. In addition to finding a lover, what else can make a woman who is tired of chai oil and salt think of herself as a princess in a fairy tale?

A lover makes a woman always feel in love, and never lets a woman cook and wash dishes. The lover will always say, “Baby, what do you want to eat?”

“And husband . you know . enjoy the feeling of romance. Women need to understand and support, but the husband is sometimes not the best target.

The love between husband and wife is often gradually annihilated in real life, there is little time for communication, and there is also a lack of peace of mind.

Women often become pregnant with their husbands dissatisfied: the husband lacks humor, the husband is not diligent enough, and the husband is not considerate enough, which makes people feel sick.

Therefore, women need to derail to find a lover to talk to, and the lover and her are not under the same roof, there is no common contradiction, but they can accommodate each other and communicate.

  Get out of the wall. If you want to get revenge, if you start the normal track with despair, you need to confirm at least one thing: you really don’t want him, you are completely destroying the relationship between you and him.

Compared with women, men have a much lower forgiveness index for girlfriends, and their reactions are usually fierce.

Once it was confirmed that he had been betrayed, the wound on the heart of a man was more stubborn than that of a woman.

  Out of the wall, because life is too boring. When a relationship stabilizes, women often stay with a man because of her dependence on security and fear of loneliness.

So derailment gave a woman a chance to think: “Do I not completely need passion and sex?

Can each really replace my current life?

But the answer from brain feedback many times is: “It’s true that I still prefer my current life, but I have at least proved that I still have the ability to create and enjoy passion.

Derailment, in order to find self-confidence. In order to prove her independence and charm, even if she has a boyfriend, she will make derailment to enhance her self-confidence.

This kind of derailment usually happens when she loves her boyfriend very much, but lacks the ability to control the situation.

Experts warn us that when we feel bad in our emotional life, we should find the reason inside this relationship, and derailment cannot solve any substantive problems.

  Derailed, satisfying the feeling of vanity. Men can go for massages, can sing in the hall with big honey, can sing in the night, or stay home.

Women are also human. They pay a lot more than men. They have children and daughters, and their husbands and daughters, why can’t women be derailed?

Why do women have to bear the burden of humiliation, be clean, and be careful?

Times are different, and women’s vanity needs to be satisfied. They no longer want to turn around the stove, around men and children.

Ginkgo sweet potatoes and other foods with skin caused poisoning

Ginkgo sweet potatoes and other foods with skin caused poisoning

You must have heard that the skins of fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients and active ingredients. Therefore, it is necessary for the human body to fully absorb the fruits and vegetables.

Such eating seems to have ingested the “all nutrients” of the food, but some “uneasy molecules” may be mixed in and eaten together.

  Potatoes, beef stew, Di San Xian and other classic dishes are regulars on the table.

Many people cook potatoes with their skins together, thinking that all problems will be solved after the heat.

actually not.

Potatoes contain a substance called “solanine” to resist pests and diseases.

The content of solanine in potato skin is high, and it will cause poisoning after it accumulates to a certain amount in the body.

Especially the epidermis turns green and the germinated potatoes contain a higher amount of solanine. Excessive consumption will cause nausea and vomiting.

Therefore, when eating potatoes, be sure to peel and cook.

  Sweet potatoes are rich in nutrients, but they are alkaline foods. If you eat more sweet potatoes, they will “burn your heart”. Sweet potato skins contain more alkali.

The brown and dark brown spots of sweet potato skins may have been infected by “black spot bacteria” and may cause poisoning after eating.

  荸荠 Sweet, crisp and refreshing, is a favorite of many people.

However, the pupa skin may contain parasites such as ginger worms, which can cause disease if you eat uncleaned pupa skin.

  Although there are many benefits of ginkgo, but it has a small poison, it is not appropriate to eat more.

In particular, the peel contains toxic substances such as “glucic acid”. Excessive consumption will damage the central nervous system and cause poisoning.

When you eat, don’t just strip the colon, don’t overeat even cooked ginkgo meat.

  In addition, due to the large amount of chemical fertilizers currently used, nitrate pollution of fruits and vegetables will be serious.

Therefore, everyone is recommended to try peeling vegetables and fruits.

In particular, the longer the cultivation time of apples, pears, grapes, etc., the better the taste of vegetables and fruits, many microorganisms and pesticides often remain on the skin.

Therefore, there is no need to risk health damage for a little nutrition.

Several common preparation methods for medicinal liquor

Several common preparation methods for medicinal liquor

Although humans’ initial drinking behavior can not be called drinking and health, it has a good connection with health care, prevention and treatment.

Scholars generally believe that the original wine is the wild fruit collected by humans.

Since many wild fruits are of medicinal value, the original wine can be called a natural “medicine wine”, which naturally has a certain protection and promotion effect on human health.

Of course, at this time, although human beings have the benefits of health care from drinking, they may not have a clear purpose for health.

There are many kinds of wines, and their sexual effects are similar.

Generally speaking, the wine is warm and tender, the warmer can chill, the guide, the spleen can divergence, and the guidance, so the wine can clear the meridians, qi and blood, phlegm and stasis, warm and cold, can soothe the liverDeconstruction, a sense of well-being; and wine is the essence of grain brewing, so it can also benefit the stomach.

In addition, wine can kill insects and exorcise evil spirits.

“History of the Museum” has a record, Zhang Heng, Ma Jun three people fog morning.

One person drinks alcohol, one person eats, one person fasts; the fasting person dies, the full-eater is sick, and the drinker is healthy.

The author believes that this shows that “the wine is developing evil, better than eating.”

“The combination of wine and drugs is a major advancement in drinking and health.

There are three main effects of alcohol in medicine.

Wine can be used for medicine.

The ancients said that “wine is the longevity of various medicines.”

The wine can be used as a medicine to reach the top of the table, so that the role of the qi and blood drugs can be better played, and the nourishing drugs can be supplemented without stagnation.


The wine helps the drug to be effectively analyzed.

Alcohol is a good organic solvent. Most of the residue and water are insoluble. Some substances that need to be dissolved in non-polar solvents can dissolve in alcohol.

Many components of traditional Chinese medicine are easily dissolved in alcohol.

Alcohol also has good permeability, can easily enter the medicinal tissue cells, play a dissolution role, promote replacement and diffusion, and help to improve the leaching speed and leaching effect.


The wine also has an antiseptic effect.

Generally, medicinal wine can be stored for several months or even years without deterioration, thereby greatly facilitating drinking and health care.

Common preparation methods of medicinal wine The common preparation methods of medicinal liquor mainly include cold soaking method, hot dip method, percolation method and brewing method.


Cold soaking method, after processing, place the porcelain jar or other suitable container, add a specified amount of white wine, seal the overlap, stir 1 per day?
2 times, one week later, stir once a week; for a total weight of 30 days, take the supernatant, press the dregs, extract the supernatant and the supernatant, add the appropriate amount of sugar or honey, stir to dissolve, seal, and let stand for 14 days.Above, filtration, filling is available.


Hot dip method, wrapped in cloth, hung in the upper part of the container, add white wine to the top of the fully immersed package; cover, immerse the container in the water, slowly heat the simmer, warm dipping 3?
7 days and nights, take out, let stand, put the supernatant, the dregs are pressed, the extract is combined with the supernatant, and the hail or honey is dissolved and allowed to stand for at least 2 days, filtered, and filled.

This method is called hanging immersion.

This method was later reformed to heat up to boiling after water, and immediately withdrew, poured into a tank, filled with sputum or honey, sealed cylinder sealed, replaced for 30 days, replaced with liquid, combined with dregs pressing liquid, after standing for a suitable time,Filtration, filling is available.

Percolation method, placed in a covered container, and then added the amount of crude powder 60?
After 70% of the leaching solvent is uniformly wetted, it is sealed and left for 15 minutes to several hours, so that the medicinal material is fully expanded and ready for use.

Take a small group of cotton wool, moisten with the leachate, and gently pad the bottom of the leaking cylinder (a cylindrical or conical funnel with an outlet at the bottom to control the flow of liquid into the piston), then wet the swellingThe powder is placed in a leaking tube, and it must be flattened after each supplement.

After loading, cover the top with filter paper or gauze.

When slowly adding the solvent to the leaking cylinder, first open the piston of the leakage outlet of the cylinder to remove the remaining air in the cylinder. When the solution is replaced by the outlet, close the piston.
Continue to add the flux to a few centimeters higher than the powder, and place it in place 24?
After 48 hours, the solvent was thoroughly infiltrated and spread.

Then open the piston and let the sputum slowly lower.

If the concentration of the sputum is to be increased, the first sputum can be reused for the second or multiple leaks of the vehicle of the new medicinal powder.
Collect the percolate, let it stand, filter it, and fill it.


Brewing method, adding and brewing medicinal liquor.

For example, the Baijiu wines recorded in the “Qianjinyifang”, such as alcohol, and alcohol, are brewed by this method.

However, due to the difficulty of making this method, the steps are complicated, and now the general family alternative.

Note 1.

Moderate intake.

The key to the controversy over the ancient and modern reasons for drinking alcohol is the amount of drinking.

It is beneficial to drink less and drink more harmful.

In the Song Dynasty, Shao Yong’s poetry day, “People are not good at drinking, but they like to drink too much; people can drink well, and they are hard to drink.

Drink more into a casein, simmering in the body; drinking and simmering, sputum.

“The “harmony” here is moderate.

Nothing too much, no more.

Too much damage to the body, not equal to no drink, can not play a role in health.


Drinking time, wine can not drink at night.

The “Compendium of Materia Medica” is loaded, but I don’t know that night drinks are even worse.

Both drunk and full, sleep and sleep, hot and hurt.

The night air converges, the wine is made up, the chaos is clear, the spleen and stomach are relieved, the sores are stopped, and the fire is aided, so that the sick person is embarrassed.

It can be seen from some that the reason why the night drink is mainly because the night air converges, so that the drink can not be diverged, enthusiasm in the inside, there is a sadness and harm; instead of the wine, it is a divergent thing, and disturbs the nighttime popularity.Convergence and calm, the sum of wounds.

In addition, there are two different views on the issue of drinking alcohol.

Some people think that the temperature in the season is high and low, and it is considered that the winter is cold and suitable for drinking.


Drinking temperatures, some people call it a cold drink, while others call it a warm drink.

Those who claim to drink cold drink think that the alcoholic heat is hot, and if it is hot, its heat is even worse, and it is easy to damage the stomach.

If you drink cold, you can use cold to heat up without excessive damage.

Zhu Zhenheng, a medical scientist of the Yuan Dynasty, said that “there is a straight drink, and there are three benefits.”

Too much lungs into the stomach, and then lukewarm, the lungs first get warm in the cold, you can qi; the second to get the temperature in the cold, you can raise the stomach.

Cold wine is late, and it is gradually passed down. People should not drink.

“But the Qing Dynasty Xu Wenzhao advocates warm drinks. He said that wine is “the most suitable for warm clothes”, “hot drinks hurt the lungs”, “cold drink hurts the spleen”.

The more compromised point is that although the wine can be warm, don’t drink hot.

According to the cold drink, which is appropriate, this can be treated differently depending on the individual situation.

4, dialectical selection of wine, drinking health is more suitable for the elderly, slow blood flow, yang, and the body has cold, stagnation, and stagnation.

This is for pure wine, not for medicinal liquor.

The medicinal liquor has different properties depending on the drug used. The supplement has blood, nourishing yin, warming yang, and benefiting the qi. The attacker has the difference of phlegm, dampness, qi, blood, and accumulation.In fact, you can’t use it all.

Those who are physically weak use tonic, and those who do not have blood circulation use medicinal liquor that qi and blood circulation; those who have cold should use warm wine, while those who have heat should use clear wine.
It is best to make a choice under the guidance of a doctor.


Adhere to participation, long-term benefits can be enjoyed, as well as drinking and health.

The ancients believed that drinking alcohol could make the wine gas-filled.
Sun Si-like, a great medical scientist in the Tang Dynasty, said that “everyone takes medicine and wine, and wants to make the wine gas-fired, and there is no need to sever.

How much is the sum of the degrees, can not make drunk and spit, it is also a great loss of people.

“Of course, Sun Si’s is only a few months old, and he insists on participating for life. He may mean to be persistent in driving.”

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Peach may be iron and blood and moisturizing color_1

Peach may be iron and blood

The pink peach is not only beautiful in appearance, but also red in white, it is also a beauty product.

Chen Fang, an associate professor at the School of Food Science, China Agricultural University, pointed out that peaches are rich in iron. Usually, drinking more peach juice can make up blood and drink a rosy complexion.

  Chen Fang said that peaches are basically dense and sweet, juicy and rich in nutrients.

According to analysis, there is no protein in 100 grams of fresh peach.

9 grams of plasma fiber.

3 g, inorganic salt 0.

7 grams, 7 mg calcium, 20 mg phosphorus, and 0 iron.

8 mg, also contains carotene, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin C, pectin and sugar.

In particular, its iron content is above many fruits, 4-6 times that of apples and pears, and it is an ideal supplementary food for patients with iron deficiency anemia.

  Chinese medicine also believes that peach-like sweet acid, lukewarm, has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, nourishing yin and promoting fluid, intestinal laxative, nourishing and anti-aging.

Peach has better nourishing and moisturizing effects on constipation with insufficient stomach yin, dry mouth, thirst or lack of body yin.

Fresh peaches are washed, cut open and pitted, steamed and peeled, add 50 grams each of sugar and honey, and boil slightly with water to make a thick juice. Take one or two tablespoons each time and add warm water to take it.

In addition, eating 1-2 fresh peaches in the morning and evening is also good for hypertension.

  However, peaches have a strong preset and can only be eaten in the summer when they are re-internal.

Experts suggest that you can drink more peach juice in the season when you ca n’t eat peaches, and you can also get all the nutrients in fresh peaches.

People with bad liver often use it to soak in water, can repair liver cells, and make the liver healthier.

People with bad liver often use “it” to soak in water, can repair liver cells, and make the liver healthier.

The liver is one of the most important metabolic organs of the human body. The health of the liver directly affects the metabolism of the body. If there is a problem in the liver, the toxin waste in the body cannot be discharged in time, which will affect the hormone level in the body, affect the metabolism of skin cells, and cause large pores.Skin problems such as dark complexion and long wrinkles.

Once the liver has a problem, it is easy to find a variety of diseases.

How to easily manage liver and protect the liver in daily life?

People with bad liver often use “it” to soak in water, can repair liver cells, liver is healthier. Lemon has the functions of nourishing liver and strengthening spleen, anti-virus and detoxification. It is often eaten to protect the free radical damage of liver cells, and thoroughlyEffectively promote protein synthesis, as well as the repair and regeneration of elongated liver and liver cells, which is very helpful for the treatment and health care of jaundice hepatitis.

Huangqi Huangqi Yanggan does not have to say that many people with insufficient liver qi often show lack of energy and dark complexion. This liver qi is insufficient, resulting in poor liver blood. The whole person will have a state of hepatic qi deficiency, often using yellow sputum to soak.To drink, you can replenish the liver and help the liver.

Jujube water protection liver is not new. It has been proved by experiments that people who have poor liver function drink red jujube water every day for one week to maintain liver and promote liver detoxification and detoxification.

Kelp kelp is rich in polysaccharides that can digest excess cholesterol in our blood, and those who have hepatitis or have high cholesterol can often eat sea with good results, which can enhance the function of our liver.

Catch the yellow grass and catch the yellow grass has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and dispersing phlegm, can help restore liver function, reduce the damage of alcohol to the liver, promote insulin detoxification, and maintain the liver.

For hepatitis, suffering from hepatitis B, hepatitis A and other hepatitis have a good complication.

People with bad liver can often catch the yellow grass to soak in water.

Honeysuckle tea: Because honeysuckle has a very powerful effect and effect, it not only has better skin heat-clearing and detoxifying effects, but also has the effect of clearing the liver and clearing the eye. Therefore, it is a commonly used medicine in the clinic to make honeysuckle tea.The method is very simple, you can wash the right amount of honeysuckle and soak the water frequently.

Papaya’s milky juice contains a protein-degrading enzyme called “papaya enzyme”. Like pepsin and trypsin, it can break down proteins, effectively fight against systemic cellular oxidation, maintain liver health, and delay kidney aging.

Zanthoxylum can eat and cure 13

diseases that can be cured

Zanthoxylum can eat and cure 13 diseases that can be cured

Zanthoxylum is analgesic to relieve pain; dehumidify and relieve diarrhea;

The main spleen and stomach are cold and cold with abdominal pain; roundworm abdominal pain; vomiting and diarrhea; lung cold cough and asthma; lung cold cough and asthma; caries and toothache;


For abdominal pain: 3 grams of peppercorns, 6 grams of dried ginger, 12
grams of incense and water decoction, twice a day.


Treatment of dysentery: will pepper 9?
12 grams, brown sugar 15?
20 grams of decoction, take morning and evening once a day.


To cure toothache: 6 grams of peppercorns, 100 ml of vinegar and boiling water, remove the peppercorns, drink mouthwash.


To cure ills: Grind 25 grams of Sichuan pepper (seedless) and 100 grams of purple-skinned garlic into mud, rub the affected area daily, 1?
2 times, the effect is better.


For tooth decay: Soak 9 grams of Sichuan pepper in 30 ml of shochu for 10 days, then filter the residue, dip the cotton ball in the medicated wine, and stop the pain by filling the hole.


Treatment of women’s itch: 50 grams each of peppercorns, snake bed, 25 grams of quinoa, a pinch of stale tea, 100 grams of fried salt and boiling water, fumigate and wash the affected area.


Governing cold dysmenorrhea: will pepper 9?
12 grams, ginger 18?
24 grams, jujube 10?
20 pieces of 300ml decoction with water, one dose daily, warm twice daily.


After treating the elderly, the waist and legs are soft: Mix 50 grams of peppercorns and 20 grams of cumin, stir fry, and grind into powder, twice a day, 3 grams each time, and take with warm water.


Treatment of tapeworm intestinal obstruction: 100?
200 grams, put in a wok and add pepper 15?
20 grams, remove the micro-coke and discard it. Serve once when the pepper oil is slightly warm.


Treatment of biliary tsutsugamushi: Slightly stir-fry 30 grams of peppercorns and 9 grams of ume with bonfire, 2 times a day?
3 times; or will pepper 9?
12 grams ground into fine powder, 1 egg?
2 pcs, take after cooking with vegetable oil, 2 daily?
3 times.

1 1.

Eye treatment: take pepper 3?
5 capsules, one garlic, 10 cm long onion white, mashed as mud, coated on toilet paper, applied to the affected area, fixed with adhesive tape, removed for 24 hours, general medication 1?
Healed twice.

Treatment of neurodermatitis: take an appropriate amount of flowers and pepper leaves, boil in cold water, wash the affected area, about 30 minutes each time, water can be warmed before washing, 2?3 times, until healed, then strengthen 1?
2 days to prevent recurrence, the whole process takes about 4?
5 days.

Treatment of athlete’s foot: 20 grams of peppercorns, 50 grams of salt, 2500 milliliters of water and boil, then fry with gentle heat for 15 minutes, pour into the foot basin to fumigate the feet.

Add cocoa one or two times until the water temperature drops slightly, and soak for about 25 minutes.

Finally, wash your feet with warm water.

Soak your feet before bed every night.

The 3rd day is a course of treatment, and every time it is replaced with peppercorns and saline, it can relieve itching and reduce inflammation.