Liver disease patients can cure disease and prevent liver cancer_1

Liver disease patients can cure disease and prevent liver cancer

For patients with liver diseases such as hepatitis B and cirrhosis, lettuce, bamboo shoots, and asparagus can be often eaten three times a day.

Because these three kinds of food have obvious effects of protecting liver and preventing cancer, they have the functions of expectorant, diuretic and detoxification, and help the excretion of dirt from feces.

  Lettuce: increase appetite, anti-anemia lettuce leaves are rich in calcium, carotene and vitamin C, and stinky lettuce can promote gastric juice, digestive enzymes and bile secretion, help hepatitis B, hepatitis C virus carriers and patients with chronic liver disease to increase appetite.

People with liver cirrhosis and anemia often eat lettuce, which can promote the secretion of organic acids and enzymes, increase iron absorption, help platelet rise and recovery, and prevent the disease from worsening.

  Bamboo shoots: laxative, detoxification of bamboo shoots can achieve laxative effects. Escherichia coli can trigger bamboo shoots to synthesize vitamins needed by the human body. It can also synthesize with the internal metabolic metabolized bile acids, which can not be absorbed into the exhaust gas.

  For bamboo shoots, it is recommended to use oyster mushrooms, 60 grams each of Hericium erinaceus, 200 grams each of lean pork or black chicken, add 600 grams of bamboo shoots and cut into slices, and cook with vegetable oil or stew with gentle heat.

Regular consumption can prevent digestive tract tumors and liver cancer, but those with severe gastric bleeding and those with esophageal varices should eat bamboo shoots with caution.

  Asparagus: Relieve fatigue. Asparagus contains nucleic acids, folic acid, glutathione, choline, arginine, mannan, peptidase rutin, etc., which can effectively inhibit growth.

Asparagus or nutritional products for liver cancer patients can relieve fatigue and increase appetite.

  The method of diet can be to cook fresh asparagus and cook it cold, and eat it once in the morning or before bedtime; you can also use 5-10 grams of asparagus root per day, and use water to decoction for tea. 3 months is a course of treatment.Can’t stop halfway.

Raw Fried Silver Bud

Raw Fried Silver Bud

Ingredients: 500 grams of mung bean sprouts, 20 grams of green onions (or chives), 15 grams of wolfberry, 10 grams of ginger, vegetable oil, appropriate amount of refined salt, MSG is the most.

  System of law: 1.

Mung bean sprouts should be used to remove tail whiskers and impurities, and then wash them with water.

Peel and dry the shallots, except for washing and cutting into thin filaments.

The wolfberry is washed and set aside.


When the boiler is on fire, put the proper amount of vegetable oil. When the oil is hot and smoke, pour green bean sprouts, shallots (or chives), stir-fry wolfberry, and fine salt, monosodium glutamate.

  Efficacy: clearing heat and detoxifying, reducing swelling and lowering qi, facilitating physical strengthening, and functions of the five internal organs, moisturizing the skin, and loosening eyes.

It is suitable for relieving poisons of various medicines, treating eye diseases, treating erysipelas, and removing eyesight.

Mung beans are cold and people with weak spleen and stomach should not eat more.

Is it good for baby

Is it good for baby

[Introduction]“Children focus on two or three things at the same time” is not wrong. This is the conclusion of a special study recently conducted by American behaviorists, psychologists and education experts.
They also advise parents to incorporate this training into their children’s daily lives.
The reason why the child does many things in the future requires him to grasp the overall situation and consider the whole.
For example, when driving a car, you must pay attention to the terrain, pay attention to the environment and pedestrians on the road, and pay attention to the changes in traffic lights. When you play the piano, you must see the score, listen to the sound of the piano, and step on the pedal. The brain must analyze and judge the rhythm of the music.
Learning to “distribute” your attention works well.
Benefit studies show that children who perform well in “one-use, dual-use” training also have outstanding “performance” when they need attention; moreover, they have fast brain response, good physical coordination, strong memory, and creativeness.
Practical operation 1 year old: listening to music and listening to talk; learning to walk while watching TV; listening to nursery rhymes and playing games.
2 years old: While learning children’s songs, jumping on both feet; singing while dancing with both hands rhythmically; listening to the story while doing action.
3 years old: while telling a story to herself, while dressing the baby; while graffiti, listening to music; while patting the ball, talking to the children.
4 years old: Counting while walking on the balance beam; singing while pinching plasticine.
5 years old: Counting while skating on rollers; writing stories while writing stories; origami and listening to songs.
6 years old: wearing beads and chatting with children; watching TV, reciting Tang poetry; playing piano, singing.
Both “allocation” and “concentration” of attention require acquired training, and the period of infancy is the key period.
The condition of “two-pronged use” is that one of the things is that the child is more familiar and simple, and does not require a lot of attention.

TCM teaches you effective ways to lose weight by pressing your fingers

TCM teaches you effective ways to lose weight by pressing your fingers

Guide: Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches you the effective way to lose weight by pressing your fingers.

Western medicine advocates dieting + exercise to lose weight. Traditional Chinese medicine pays more attention to internal conditioning. Hand health massage is an important part of traditional medicine. Hand massage can stimulate important points in the body, enhance metabolism and blood circulation, etc.Inhibit appetite and improve constipation, let you easily lose 20 pounds, proper diet control + hand acupoint massage, can achieve the ideal weight-loss effect, as well as unexpected beauty health effects.

  1: First learn three methods of massaging acupoints (the general method does not specifically refer to acupoints). According to different symptoms, master the following three massage methods to easily deal with various injuries.

  A: Slow compression method (can relax the body and ease the pain) 1) Slowly and forcefully press the acupuncture points at 5 counts.

  2) Hold for 7 seconds.

  3) Slowly release for 5 seconds.

  B: Intermittent braking method (improve muscle function) 1) Quickly aim at the acupressure point for 2 seconds.

  2) Hold for 2 seconds.

  Reminder: Quickly release after 2 seconds.

Have you cleaned the 10 dead spots?

Have you cleaned the 10 dead spots?

Bacteria are ubiquitous in life, especially the 10 sanitary dead ends are the easiest to ignore.

The latest issue of the United States “Prevention” magazine listed the corresponding cleaning methods for people.


Kitchen faucet: There is a filtering device in front of the kitchen faucet in the home. Because it is tilted for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria.

It is recommended to clean it once a week, unscrew the filter, soak it with a bleach solution, and rinse it with water.


Kitchen trash can: food residues, dust and more bacteria enter the kitchen waste, wash with bleach instead of solution once a week, especially rubber caps.


Door mats: A study found that nearly 96% of the soles carry pathogens such as bacteria. It is recommended that they be disinfected once a week. When changing shoes, do not put food bags and backpacks on hand.


Vacuum cleaner: Recent research has found that E. coli is detected on 13% of vacuum cleaner brushes.

Therefore, the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner should be replaced frequently, but it should be carried out above to prevent dust and bacteria from scattering into the room.

Clean the vicinity of the suction port with an alternative bleach solution and let it air dry.


Rags: A recent US study found that 7% of kitchen wipes are infected with super bacteria.

In addition, rags can easily carry other bacteria such as the colon.

Use a paper towel to clean the kitchen work surface. The cloth is only used to clean the kettle and dishes just washed.

And replace it in time, or disinfect twice a week.


Car dashboard: Tests on 100 cars in the United States found that the car dashboard is the most common point of bacterial transmission, so it must be disinfected and scrubbed frequently.


Hand sanitizer boxes in public places: 25% of public toilet hand sanitizer boxes contain E. coli.

It is recommended to wash your hands with hot water for 20 seconds after use.


Restaurant seasoning bottle: Many people have used the seasoning bottle in the restaurant, it is difficult to breed bacteria, you can take it with a paper towel.


Refrigerator partition: A survey of 160 homes by the University of Arizona found that the mold detection in refrigerator partitions accumulated 83%.

Scrub at least once a week with a bleach replacement solution or disinfectant.


Mobile phones: Numerous studies have found that mobile phones and mobile phone cases carry countless viruses, including staphylococci and salmonella.

Rinse regularly with alcohol and disinfectant. Don’t keep your phone and other personal belongings together.

There are multiple tips for comfort at the end of the year

There are multiple tips for comfort at the end of the year

There are always setbacks, blows, and failures in a person’s life, and the odds of these appearing at the end of the year seem particularly high.

If the salary is low, I ca n’t get a red envelope when I go home, and I feel very depressed.

At this time, you should cheer yourself up and cheer yourself up.

  At the end of the year, there are 8 tricks for comfort. The first trick: The most important thing is why today’s heart should lose its current mood for painful remorse, and why it should not be endless for inexplicable anxiety.

The past is gone forever, no matter how regretful it is, it will not help.

The future is still beyond sight, and no matter how worried you are, you will be sad.

Today’s heart, today’s affairs and present people are real and feel good.

Of course, it is wise to sum up past experience and prevent future risks.

  Yesterday has passed, but tomorrow has not yet come, today is true.

Life Tips # 2: Your heartache can only heal yourself. Why not lose your present mood for painful remorse.

It is also necessary to vent the occasional interruption, but endless repetition will only increase the annoyance and only show others your incompetence. Repetition is a deadly negative mentality. Once your repetition becomes a bad habit, life willThere is no darkness, and there is no good mood in itself, and others are unlucky to follow.

  If there is no benefit, optimism is the most important.

  The third tip: The good mood is created by ourselves. We often cannot change the views of others, and it is only ourselves that can change.

The bad life lies not in the sins of others, but in our mood becoming worse.

The golden key to making life better is not in the hands of others. Give up our resentment and sigh, and a good life is at your fingertips.

We subjectively want to live a good life, but objectively we do not have a good life, the reason is that we always want to wait for others to improve our lives, do not expect to change others, be the master of life ourselves.

  The fourth tip: do what you should do with your heart, life is so short, who will waste your mind?

A wise philosopher once said: Someone scolded me on the street. I didn’t even turn around. I didn’t want to know this boring person.

We should neither hurt others nor be influenced by criticisms from others, but we should first learn the practical skills in accordance with our wishes.

  Especially when you are a teenager, do your best to learn the skills and do n’t get distracted.

  Fifth tip: Don’t always learn how to enjoy yourself with yourself, it is tantamount to having a golden key to happiness.

Appreciating yourself is not alone, admiring yourself is not alone, admiring yourself is not self-intoxicated, admiring yourself is not standing still . you give yourself some confidence, you give yourself a little happiness, you give yourself a smile, why not have no happiness in life?

  Often you have to give yourself a holiday and learn to look for joy.

  Sixth tip: Don’t chase worldly honours for life and seek what is recognized by others, you will always lose your happiness and happiness.

Vulgar commentary will annihilate one’s own personality, and mundane guidance will make oneself overwhelmed.

Money for money makes my six relatives ignorant, for weight and weight, I am bold and arrogant, I make a name for myself. I am in the chase deliberately, and will become fragments and flutter in the wind, worldly.I have become abominable.

  Get kitsch, lose the truth, strengthen your confidence and own yourself.

  Seventh Tip: Be careful not to be too tired to live. Some people lament that life is really tired.

Tired is the mental stress; tired is the psychological burden.

Tired and not tired are always relative. If you don’t want to be tired, you must learn to relax. Life is expensive.

Tired heart keeps people in a sub-health state for a long time; tired heart leads to depression.

  Don’t be too tired, learn to release yourself.

  Eighth tip: Extremely undesirable. Some people often suffer from mental disorders due to excessive anxiety, while others are indifferent to being indifferent to everything.

The former is often painful in the search for reason, and languishes because of cleverness. The root of stupidity is remorse.

I do n’t know what regrets are afterwards, and I live a dreary life all day. There is no difference between being alive and dying.

  Going to extremes is always a failure, looking for wisdom in life.

Yoga 2 eliminates lower body obesity

Yoga 2 eliminates lower body obesity

Recently, I always feel heavy in my lower body and have no strength. Whether at work or off work, I can lie down or sit, I can’t sit or stand . If nothing unexpected happens, I think this is the signal that the body should gain weight.

In order to avoid the fearful accumulation of lower body amateurs, and to restore the vitality of the body, I added “leg lifting” and “tightening” to daily exercises, two days later (really only two days!

), I feel a lot lighter in the lower body, and I feel very good!

  Practice a leg-raising style 1, lying on your back, tandem your body in both directions, and breathe naturally.

  2. While exhaling, lift your legs with the power of your abdomen until it is 90 degrees to your upper body.

  3. Keep the posture and feel that the abdominal gas is exhausted, then slowly drop your legs while inhaling.

  4. Repeat the action 10-20 times.

  Practice the second push-up position 1. Lie on your back, align your body pairs, bend your legs, separate your feet, and try to get your heels to the side.

  2. Inhale, lift your abdomen up, and tighten your chest and anus.

  3. After the inhalation is completed, keep moving, hold your breath for 5 seconds, and lower your body while exhaling.

  4. Repeat the action 10-20 times.

  Key points of movement: These two movements are extremely simple movements. Even if you have not studied yoga, most people who have experienced fitness have done it. However, in yoga postures, these two movements focus on the control of breathing and the concentration of ideas.

The exhalation of the “leg lift” style is different from the usual breathing sequence. The breath-holding time of the “stand-up style” varies from person to person and should not be forced.

The former focus on the abdomen and the limbs on the chest.

  In addition, the standing type has the effect of discharging stool.

Chinese parents shameless shirtless exercise

Chinese parents shameless shirtless exercise

On January 21, in a kindergarten in Tokyo, Japan, more than 400 children exercised under the guidance of winter.

More than 400 children in this kindergarten exercise in the cold winter every day in this way to strengthen their cold resistance.

  In the cold winter, letting a group of young children exercise shirtlessly is hardly tolerable in the eyes of the Chinese.

  But look at the children ‘s elated energy in the exercise of bare limbs in their photos. Who should blush?

  Should schools blush?

Although quality education is shouting loudly, it is not difficult to say that kindergarten education and volition education like Japan are in kindergartens, our primary and middle schools, and even universities.

Under the magic wand of exam-oriented education, students are habitually nurturing, but “dividing” is the key.

Our arrogant lords do not know the cold and heat, the rice paddies, the noble and cheap, and do not work.

Although full of economy, but can not withstand the wind and rain.

  Should parents blush?

Chinese parents can be described as masters of “greenhouse seedling raising”. They bear their own pain, and respond to their children’s demands. “They are afraid of being melted in their mouths, and they are afraid of falling out of their palms.”.
There is also whether the child is a little emperor or princess who “does not distinguish between the grain and the four bodies”, and never cares.

  Should students blush?

Rated with Japanese children, Chinese students are too spoiled and too afraid of suffering.

A survey found that 51% of students have arranged their daily necessities and school supplies by their parents for a long time, and 72% of students have no choice in living and studying without their parents.

  As a result, there was news that Xinjiang College of Science and Technology organized students to pick up cotton to complete a “painful” task, and there was news that college students could not take care of themselves, and their mother had to resign to serve as a waiter off campus.College student news that can’t do laundry.

  In the face of our “weak and windy” generation, and in the face of the enthusiasm of Japanese children’s bare limb exercises, we must reflect on our blushing-as human beings, how can our children not do it?

What about our education?

Treatment of Old Stomach Disease

Treatment of “Old Stomach Disease”

Syndromes of chronic gastritis based on TCM syndromes include liver and stomach discord, spleen and stomach deficiency, stomach yin deficiency, and dampness, heat and blood stasis. Among them, liver and stomach dissonance, spleen and stomach deficiency are the most common, and of course, there are both.
Traditional Chinese medicine treats stomach problems and often focuses on recuperation.
Ye Jin does not recommend the use of proprietary Chinese medicines in principle, because its drug composition is relatively fixed and cannot be tailored to the individual; and the decoction can be flexibly applied according to the patient’s situation, and can be used to regulate the overall situation of the human as a prerequisite for comprehensive stomach treatment.
His Yangwei recipe starts with looking at the sky, looking at the ground, and looking at people.
When he was practicing medicine, Ye Jin repeatedly emphasized to the patients that he should take the medicine on time, follow up regularly, adjust the dosage and compatibility according to the effect, and the whole course of treatment should be maintained for more than three months.
  Look at the sky: due to time constraints, the stomach is more sensitive to cold stimuli.
Chronic gastritis, although frequent in cold weather in winter, should be prevented from autumn.
Autumn is divided into early autumn, mid autumn and late autumn according to climatic characteristics.
The spleen likes dryness and dampness, dampness and heat in the early autumn, and hurts the stomach by the spleen. Therefore, the dampness and heat should be reduced in the early autumn, and the spleen should be transported to strengthen the spleen.Therefore, nourishing the stomach should start from nourishing yin; in late autumn, the climate is characterized by dryness and coldness, external invasion, and proper nourishment, which can help drive cold and warm the stomach.
Of course, in other hot weather seasons, if the stomach patient does not pay attention to diet, eating some frozen, irritating or stale food will also cause the disease to recur or worsen.
Therefore, patients with chronic gastritis should also avoid eating in hot weather seasons.
  Look at the ground: According to local conditions, Ye Jin often encounters some patients who have already been well-conditioned. Somehow, the stomach disease is suddenly committed again.
It turned out that they didn’t know the local conditions during their early business trips or outings. They didn’t pay much attention to eating and living on the way. They didn’t eat on time when they had time to eat.
In this way, after a long period of stress, coupled with unhealthy eating or poor sleep, it will cause recurrence of stomach problems.
In addition, the geographical environment will also have a serious impact on the human body. In some places, the humidity is heavier, in some places, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and in some places, it is very dry.
These will have an impact on those suffering from stomach problems.
  看人:因人制宜  每个人的性别、年龄不同,生活环境和生活习惯不同,体质也会有所不同,所以用药也要有所差异,如血虚的要补血、阳虚的要温阳.
Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the treatment of the cause. If the liver and stomach are not in harmony, then the liver and the stomach should be sparse;
In addition, some people have other diseases in addition to stomach problems, and they must be found and treated in time. The impact of other diseases on the stomach must not be ignored.
  Ye Jin said: For the treatment of gastric diseases, we must take these three factors into consideration. According to the actual conditions of each person, according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, the five internal organs and the six internal organs, we should use the method of relieving the liver and the stomach, warming the spleen, nourishing the yin, nourishing the yin, nourishing the stomach, and clearing heat and detoxifying, Conditioning dampness and removing blood stasis.
At the same time, in the treatment of chronic gastritis, we must also pay attention to the details of life, diet and living, and truly achieve the combination of treatment and treatment. This is the “right way” to deal with “old stomach disease”.

Good habits every day to make you three-dimensional whitening


Good habits every day to make you three-dimensional whitening

Every woman is pursuing endless white, such as big S white to illuminate the realm of others, so that countless girls are envious?
Whitening is a long-term action. Of course, it is impossible to start skin care and it will work immediately. Besides, does your whitening method make you three-dimensionally white? Is it perfect from any angle?

Start with the small details of life and develop a good whitening habit, will whitening surround your skin unknowingly?
Let’s take a look at the daily whitening habits introduced by successful skincare and whitening people, learn her whitening methods, and make you white and shiny?
Talent Information: Age 31 years old, belongs to mixed dry skin, currently living in Wuhan area.

  For the skin, day care is very important, but the golden maintenance period at night cannot be ignored.

If you can do skin care at night correctly and effectively, you can ensure that your skin care is done with less effort and achieve obvious results.

This is why many people even apply different brands of skin creams and creams during the day, but they still have different degrees of roughness and aging on the skin. It can be seen that nighttime skin care is more important than daytime.

  The first is protection, and sun protection is essential: 1.

Avoid going out around noon in summer. If you do go out, I will wear brown sunglasses (otherwise the eye circumference is not good). I will prepare a sun hat, sleeves, and sun umbrella, even on cloudy days (there are also very cloudyStrong ultraviolet rays), so it is more prone to sunburn on cloudy days.


For sun protection, use a toner or a slightly light moisturizing cream to build a protective film on the skin surface.

Then apply sunscreen with SPF25 or above 15 minutes before going out.

Wear thinner clothing or reveal bare skin to apply sunscreen, so that you can get sun protection everywhere.

Because sweat can greatly reduce sunscreen, be sure to apply it at any time.

It is best to reapply sunscreen 30 minutes before work.


If your skin becomes red, the first thing you need to do when you get home is to rush your face with cold water, rinse your face and cool down.

If the skin is severely sunburned, it is best to rinse it for about 15 minutes. You can also immerse your face in cold water (if possible, use cold water).

It’s best to add post-sun repair work.

You can moisten the cotton pad with lotion, put it in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes, and take it out. Gently pat the red and hot parts of the face;Can be applied with a cold cotton pad for a few minutes, so that the cold lotion soothes the skin and quickly replenishes the moisture lost to the epidermis.

  4Continuous use of whitening mask to supplement the pigmentation after sun exposure, and to whiten the skin in a short period of time, you need to have both daily care and enhanced care.

Does not prevent daily use of whitening mask to strengthen the skin, using medical impact therapy, using a large amount of whitening essence emulsion in the mask, so that the deep skin is strongly absorbed and penetrated, so that the skin is significantly improved in a short period of time, and restoreThe water is tender and white.

  Night skin care is more important than daytime. Let me introduce the main points of night skin care: Phase 1: Cleansing does not completely remove makeup and garbage, sebum, dust, etc. during the day, which will affect the skin’s breathing and cause a variety ofSkin diseases, so don’t underestimate cleansing.

After using a cleansing cream or oil to remove the skin, use a foam cleanser to fully foam and wash your face.

Don’t forget to cleanse your pores twice a week with a deep cleansing product.

  This stage of peeling is not carried out every day, and it can be regarded as a process derived from cleansing.

In order to achieve perfect skin regeneration and enhance the effectiveness of skin care products, attention should be paid to exfoliation.

Dead skin will completely make the skin severely rough and will cause the skin to absorb the active ingredients contained in the skin care products.

Therefore, as with deep cleansing, exfoliating care should be performed once or twice a week.

  Stage 2: Basic + Eye Care After washing your face, clean your skin with lotion and then treat the wrinkles at the corners of the eyes.

Because the evaporation of water in the corner of the eye is particularly serious, it requires carefulness and care.

Apply the eye cream to the corners of your eyes and tap gently with your ring finger to absorb sensitive corner skin without irritation.

Then, use the emulsion to adjust the balance of oil and moisture.

  Stage 3: Special Care Now comes the process of intensively replenishing the skin with various nutrients such as water and oil.

First, apply the essence with concentrated moisture and nutrients to the entire face.

After gently tapping with your hands to fully absorb the essence, apply the night cream to finish.

Night cream can form a protective film on the skin and maintain the moisture and nutrients in the skin for a long time.
  If freckles or moles are noticeable after the second stage of functional care, whitening care products can be used, and if there are wrinkles or elastic problems, skin tightening products can be applied.

Most of the recently launched functional products are both moisturizing and nutritional supplements (such as Dr. Baik’s Vik Huan Yan Whitening Series), so you can omit the essence and night cream in stage 3 and choose one of these functional productsCare makes finishing work easier and simpler.