Recommended women’s menstrual blood and beauty desserts

Recommended women’s menstrual blood and beauty desserts

During menstruation, resistance decreases, mood changes, and some people may have symptoms such as poor appetite, backache, fatigue.

  After menstruation, pay attention to what to eat due to menstrual blood loss, especially those with more menstruation, each time the menstruation will make the main components of blood plasma proteins, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc. are lost.

Therefore, within 1-5 days after menstruation is clean, protein, minerals and blood supplements should be added.

Choose foods that have both beauty and blood tonic effects, such as milk, eggs, pigeon eggs, quail eggs, beef, lamb, trotters, coriander, spinach, longan, carrots, apples, lychee, cherries, etc.

  What is best to eat during menstruation? During menstruation, you should also add some foods that are conducive to “menstrual water”, such as lamb, chicken, red dates, tofu skin, apples, barley, milk, brown sugar, longan and other warm foods.

  When you have symptoms such as poor appetite, low back pain, your diet should be rich in nutrients, spleen and appetizers, and easily digestible foods such as jujube, noodles, and barley porridge.

To maintain a balanced nutrition, fresh vegetables and fruits should be consumed at the same time.

The food is mainly fresh, which is basically delicious, can be absorbed, and has less nutritional damage.

  Ginger jujube brown sugar water materials: dried ginger, jujube, brown sugar 30 grams each.

  Method: Wash the first two flavors, chopped dried ginger, pit the dates, add brown sugar to fry, drink soup, and eat dates.

  Efficacy: It has the effect of warming and dispersing cold.

Suitable for cold dysmenorrhea and melasma.

  Hawthorn cinnamon stick brown sugar soup material: 15 grams of hawthorn meat, 5 grams of cinnamon sticks, 30 grams of brown sugar.

  Method: Put the hawthorn meat and cinnamon sticks into a clay pot, add 2 bowls of water, and fry to a bowl with gentle heat, add brown sugar, mix thoroughly, and boil.

  Efficacy: It has the effect of warming the veins and passing pulses, eliminating stasis and relieving pain.

Suitable for women with cold dysmenorrhea and complexion.

  Leek brown sugar drink ingredients: 300 grams of fresh leek, 100 grams of brown sugar.

  Method: Wash the fresh leeks, drain the water, chopped and smashed the juice for later use.

Add brown sugar to an aluminum pan, add water and boil until the sugar dissolves and add it to the leek juice and serve.

  Efficacy: It has the effects of warming and energizing qi.

It is suitable for dysmenorrhea of qi and blood deficiency, and can make the skin ruddy and smooth.

What should I do with rhinitis?

Learn these 4 little recipes, rhinitis is gone!

What should I do with rhinitis?
Learn these 4 little recipes, rhinitis is gone!

It is very painful to suffer from rhinitis. Every day, I have to endure the nose without ventilation, runny nose, sneezing, and endure the strange eyes of others.

Rhinitis is really suffering from headaches, because it is not easy to cure, it is easy to repeat, so we must have enough patience and confidence to be completely cured. Let’s take a look at the causes and treatment of recurrent rhinitis.


Causes of repeated and repeated rhinitis: 1, external factors repeatedly stimulate bacterial infection is the most obvious, in fact, chemical factors, smog weather and so on.

2, low immunity Some patients have poor self-improvement, catch a cold when they encounter weather changes, and usually have small illnesses. In this case, rhinitis is prone to repeated attacks.

3, obvious occurrence of some patients with rhinitis for a long time drug treatment of rhinitis, however, the symptoms of rhinitis will disappear when the medication, the situation of rhinitis will appear immediately after stopping the drug, so repeated, the complications of rhinitisThe stronger, the general medical treatment can only be a temporary solution.

4, patients with rhinitis rhinitis also suffer from nasal septum deviation, due to the treatment of rhinitis during the nasal septum deviation has not been effectively treated, rhinitis is easy to recurrent; sinusitis or nasal polyps and rhinitis, resulting in abnormal nasal environment.

A small coup to relieve rhinitis 1, 3 grams of orange tea or rosemary tea, absorbed after boiling water, can improve nasal congestion and allergy symptoms.

2, the garlic cloves are peeled and peeled into the altar, sealed with vinegar and soaked.

Unsealing one month later, eat 3 per night?

4 cloves of garlic, put vinegar into a small mouth bottle, smoked in the nostril for half an hour, the treatment of allergic rhinitis has obvious curative effect.

3, the patient sitting or standing, will head back, put 4?
5 ml of light salt water was squeezed into the nasal cavity with a small eye drops bottle, and the mouth was breathed for about 10 seconds. The head was lowered, the saline was naturally soaked, and the remaining salt water in the nose was removed.

Rinse the nasal cavity 6 daily?
8 times, it is beneficial to alleviate allergic reactions such as nasal mucosa congestion and edema.

4. Pour the boiled water into a container about 15 cm in diameter. Place it under the nose and suck the steam 15 hard.
20 minutes (be careful with burns).

3 times a day, usually effective within two months.

The best way to treat rhinitis If patients want to recover soon, they can also use Chinese medicine, merger, traditional Chinese medicine treatment of rhinitis is highly respected.

Among them, Mingshi Qingyuan Paste, which is commonly used in clinical practice, is a national intangible cultural heritage. It has a good curative effect on treating acute and chronic rhinitis and sinusitis. The rehabilitation rate is over 95%, and there is no stimulation or substitution.

It uses pure herbs such as Magnolia, Mint, Xanthium, and White Pestle to form by hand. The drug ingredients are directly applied to the deep part of the nasal cavity. The skin and mucous membranes are absorbed directly to the lesion and maintain sufficient drug concentration.Meridian, phlegm and itching, anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effects, to achieve antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, eliminate nasal turbidity, nasal congestion and other symptoms and eliminate the purpose of rhinitis.

It can now be found on Taobao, very convenient.

?Daily care of rhinitis 1, maintain a good mood and serious, daily to ensure ample spirit, not too tired; 2, chronic rhinitis treatment must have perseverance and confidence, to strengthen exercise to enhance physical fitness; 3, when blowing noseTo pay attention to the method, patients with nasal congestion and more nasal discharge can use the alternating nose method, aim at the nostrils, apply a little force to the outside, and then change the other side in the same way; 4, take more rest during the onset of acute rhinitis, keep the bedroom ventilated, bright, but to avoid direct direct sunlight; 5, usually pay attention to the hygiene inside the nose, you have to use your fingers to directly rub the nose; 6, timely medication to achieve better results in the treatment of rhinitis.

7, must avoid alcohol and spicy food

Sleep health

Sleep health

One of the well-known books on health in Chinese medicine, “Three Essentials of Health” said: “An Li is the happiest life.

The ancients had a saying: Don’t look for the fairy side, look for the sleeping side . Sleeping on your feet, you are refreshed, and you are truly a real person. ”

It can be seen how important sleep is for people.

In the course of human life, about 1/3 of the time is spent on the pillow.

Sleep and health are “lifelong companions.”

Traditional Chinese medicine has always known the science of sleep, and believes that “sleeping and eating are both important to maintain health” and “who can sleep, can eat, and live forever”.

Two scholars in the United States have conducted a study of 7,000 people for up to five and a half years. They believe that there are seven reasons that can affect people’s lifespan, one of which is sleep.

There is no doubt that one can not eat for seven days, as long as he drinks water, he can still maintain his life, but if he does not sleep for seven days and seven nights, there is danger of life.

Some physiologists use dogs to do experiments. They only drink water and not food every day. They can live for 25 days. If they are not allowed to sleep for 5 consecutive days, the body temperature drops by 4 ° C?
5 ℃, and then 92?
Deprived of sleep for 143 hours it died.

After the dog was dissected, it was found that its central nervous system had undergone significant morphological changes.

It can be seen that prolonged sleeplessness will inevitably lead to collapse, and this situation is completely logical.

  Do not say that long-term insomnia is a long-term lack of sleep, which is also very harmful to health.

This is because of all the rest styles, sleep is the most ideal and complete rest.

Some people say that sleep is a great restorer of nature. This is true. After a night of doze, many people wake up feeling full of energy and full of energy.

In daily life; people often have this experience. When you are not getting enough sleep, you will feel tired and lethargic the next day. You will feel dizzy and bloated, and your work efficiency will be low. But after a good sleep, these conditions will follow.disappear.

Someone once said that sleep is like “charging the battery” and is “reserving energy”.

Indeed, after sleep, energy can be accumulated again, the energy consumed by one day’s activities can be compensated back, and new energy can be reserved for the next day’s activities.

Scientific research proves that good sleep can eliminate systemic fatigue and make the brain nerves.

Endocrine, material metabolism in the body, cardiovascular activity, digestive function, respiratory function, etc. can be recuperated, transformed into the growth and development and self-repair of various tissues in the body, enhance immune function, improve resistance to diseases, so “sleep is a natural tonic”Proverb.

Wind cold sand hot compress for treating shoulder and neck pain is simple and convenient

Wind cold sand hot compress for treating shoulder and neck pain is simple and convenient

Wind cold sand hot compress is simple and convenient to treat shoulder and neck pain. Shoulder and neck pain is the “old problem” of office workers. To deal with the pain, it is best to do a hot compress on the shoulder to strengthen blood circulation, but the hot towel will become cold after a while.Soaking a towel in hot water is a bit cumbersome and not easy to stick to.

It would be much simpler to use wind cold sand for hot compresses.

  Frigid sand scientific name Kanlisha is made by iron sand heating and stirring with vinegar. It has a feature that it is not easy to cool when it is heated. It can be bought in general pharmacies. When using, you can add vinegar instead and change the cloth bag evenly.Medium, just shake a few times, it will naturally heat within a few minutes, and then you can apply it to the affected area.

  Wind cold sand ironing method belongs to the “iron method” in the external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine.

From the clinical point of view, neck and shoulder pain of office workers is mainly due to maintaining a sitting posture for a long time, which leads to exercise, causing stiffness in the neck and shoulder muscles and impeded blood circulation. It is applied to the shoulder and shoulders, and local and local tissue warming can helpEffective in eliminating fatigue and improving neck and shoulder pain.

  It should be noted that although the use of wind cold sand is very convenient, if itching, redness, or rash occur during the hot compress, it should be stopped immediately.

For people with sensitive skin, this method should not be used.

How to take newborn twin babies

How to take newborn twin babies

The first twins were not delivered at term.


Twins have a small stomach capacity and poor digestive ability, so it is advisable to use a small number of meals instead.

  Twins should be fed 25-50 grams of 50% sugar water 12 hours after birth.

This is because twins do not have as many glycogen reserves as single-term term infants. If obesity is too long, hypoglycemia may occur, affecting brain development and even life-threatening.

  Breast milk can be fed 1-3 times in the second 12 hours.

Since then, newborns weighing less than 1500 grams can be fed once every 2 hours and 12 times every 24 hours; newborns weighing 1500 to 2000 grams can be reduced twice at night.

Feed 10 times every 24 hours; for newborns weighing more than 2000 grams, feed 8 times every 24 hours.

Once every 3 hours.

This feeding method is because the twins are small and light, and the transition is scattered and scattered. The transition requires more weight than the single-term full-term infants.

35-36 kcal per kilogram of body weight per day.

If there is no breast milk or breast milk is not enough, milk and water can be used to make up 1: 1 or 2: 1 replacement milk, plus 5% sugar intake.

Milk volume and concentration can be adjusted gradually as the child’s condition and age increase.

Fresh orange juice, vegetable juice, calcium flakes, cod liver oil, etc. should be added from the second week of birth of the twins, and iron-rich foods such as liver mud, baby blessing, etc. should be added from the fifth week.

However, it is not advisable to feed too much at one time to avoid causing indigestion and diarrhea.

What are the benefits of Hatha Yoga?

What are the benefits of Hatha Yoga?

Yoga is a very popular sport nowadays. Because the amount of exercise is relatively small and there are no restrictions on the venue, it can not only reduce weight and weight, but also help improve your temperament. The benefits are many.

And yoga can regulate menstrual discomfort and pregnancy discomfort, many women like these gentle exercises, but yoga is also suitable for men.

So what are the benefits of Hatha Yoga?

  Yoga can accelerate metabolism, remove wastes from the body, repair body shape, and regulate beauty from the inside and outside; yoga can bring you elegant temperament, light body, improve the internal and external temperament of people; yoga can enhance physical strength and muscle elasticity, and balance the limbs of the bodyDevelopment makes you more and more cheerful, energetic, and physiologically pleasing; Yoga can prevent and treat various limb-related diseases, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, headache, joint pain, insomnia, digestive disorders, dysmenorrhea,Hair loss has significant effects; yoga can regulate the physiological system, improve the blood environment, promote endocrine balance, and have internal vitality.

  The most important thing is that yoga can eliminate the troubles-reduce stress and raise the heart, release the body, relax the body, calm the mind, think calmly, and achieve the purpose of spiritual cultivation; yoga can improve immunity-increase blood circulation, repair damaged tissues, and make the bodyThe organization is fully nourished; Yoga can concentrate-the best rest and exercise method for students and stressful people to improve their study and work efficiency; Yoga enables you to break out of the limits of your mind, so you can better return to your role and welcome life openlyEverything in the challenge.

  In yoga practice, every movement must be perfectly combined with breathing.

Rhythmic breathing can give you a sense of flow during yoga practice.

This can not only try to experience the inner peace of the practitioner, but also change the brain’s attention to be more focused and pay close attention to every action, so as to avoid damage and improve the balance of the body.

  The benefits of yoga are many, and some are introduced in the article, so friends who want to practice yoga can refer to it, but when practicing yoga, it needs to be step by step. The difficulty of movement and the time of exercise can be gradually increased.You must first learn how to breathe in yoga. This is the most important and the most basic.

Correction method for torticollis of newborn baby

Correction method for torticollis of newborn baby

[Guide]Newborn children always sleep with their heads tilted apart. In addition to considering external factors, such as the position of the bed and the height of the pillows, check the child’s neck!
  Clinic lens: When Doudou of the full moon lies on the bed, his head always unconsciously tilts to the right.
The mother thinks it may be because the adult’s bed is placed on the right side of the child’s crib; the father thinks it is because the pillow used by the child is too high.
It can be checked by the doctor that the muscles on the two sides of the child’s neck are different in hardness, and the right side is significantly stronger than the left.
Faced with this result, the parents became nervous: What kind of illness did the child have?
How is it treated?
  Why children often tilt their heads and crook their heads can be called “torticollis”.
  The torticollis literally means “twisted neck”; medically described is the phenomenon of head tilting or turning to one side due to inconsistent muscle strength on both sides of the neck.
  For newborns, torticollis is a very common phenomenon.
Because the fetus curls in the uterus, as the fetus grows day by day, the space becomes smaller and smaller, and the fetus’ neck will gradually twist to coordinate the body and adapt to the space in the uterus.
As a result of the neck twist, the sternocleidomastoid muscle on one side of the neck is gradually stretched, resulting in a difference in the length of the sternocleidomastoid muscle on both sides of the neck.
After the baby is born, the head naturally leans towards the shorter side of the sternocleidomastoid muscle.
The shorter sternocleidomastoid muscle will be pulled if the child’s head is kept in the middle position or turned to the other side.
  One or two weeks after the child is born, the stretched muscles continue to swell and form a large lump.
At this time, the child likes to tilt his head to the damaged side, because this position can keep the damaged muscles in the most relaxed state, so as not to feel pulled.
As the swelling subsides, the wounded muscles will fully return to normal or form a fibrous cord.
Because the fibrous cords are stiffer and less elastic than uninjured muscles, your child’s neck muscle movement will be limited as a result.
  In addition to the above reasons, torticollis may also be caused by some reasons after birth.
For example, when the child’s head is relatively flat, he will be skewed, because it is more comfortable to lie down; or the parent always lets the child lie in the same position, and the child will like to keep the head the same after a long timeThis posture is caused by orthostatic torticollis.
Orthopedic torticollis will cause the neck to repeatedly twist in one direction, causing the muscles on one side of the neck to become shorter.
  What are the corrections for torticollis? The doctor can determine whether the child has torticollis by a simple physical examination.
If the small side of the child’s neck is not touched by olive-shaped small masses, as long as the child’s sleeping position is often corrected, the child’s head is in the neutral position as much as possible.
If there is a small mass in the child’s neck, parents should give the child a neck massage and stretching exercises at home under the guidance of a doctor.
  If the neck muscle tension and length are still inconsistent 2 to 3 months after the child is born, the doctor will ask a physical therapist to intervene.
The physical therapist will stretch the shorter neck muscle, the sternocleidomastoid muscle, through coordinated exercises.
Generally after 2 to 3 months of treatment, the torticollis can be corrected.
  For a very small number of children who have not improved after physical therapy, the surgeon will consider surgically cutting the tight sternocleidomastoid muscle on the shorter side of the neck appropriately to achieve muscle stretching.

Pregnant woman sleeping over hands destroys vaginal health

Pregnant woman sleeping over hands destroys vaginal health

Where do you get your hands on when you sleep?

Over the head or under the pillow?

In fact, sleeping well has a lot to do with the position of your arms.

  In an interview with the “Life Times” reporter, Shi Ming, deputy director of the Shanghai Collaboration Center for TCM Insomnia Medical Care, reminded: “There are certain rules for the placement of arms when sleeping.Cause some impact.

“Sleep posture is nothing more than supine, prone and side lying, and the position of each hand position is also different.

  When supine, it is best to stretch your arms naturally on both sides of your body.

You can also put your hand to your ear while you are sleeping to surrender.

But with both hands raised above the top of the head, it was incorrectly placed on the chest and stomach.

  The arm is raised above the head, the muscles of the shoulder and upper arm cannot be completely relaxed, and the shoulder and arm muscles will be sore over a long period of time.

Especially for pregnant women, lifting the arms is very easy to make the abdomen tight. If it reaches the third trimester, the uterus will expand and the intra-abdominal pressure will increase. In addition, the endocrine changes will easily affect the fetal health.

Put your hand on your chest, it will cause chest tightness when it is long, and the abdomen will compress the stomach.

  When lying on the right side, the left hand is placed in front of the body, the right hand is placed horizontally, and the left side is reversed.

Many people are accustomed to sleeping with their heads resting on their hands when they are sleeping sideways. Arms suffer from head pressure, which changes the surrounding blood vessels and nerves to be compressed, which affects the smooth flow of blood circulation and causes numbness and pain.

  Prone position will compress the heart and lungs and affect breathing. Therefore, this sleeping position is not recommended, especially high blood pressure, especially for people with high blood pressure.

However, if you have developed a habit, you should pay attention not to place your arms under your chest when sleeping. It is advisable not to compress all parts of the body. It is recommended to open it horizontally.

Which items in the kitchen are hazardous to your health

Which items in the kitchen are hazardous to your health

It is said that people take food as the sky, and the kitchen is the source of happiness. The food produced here can meet people’s beautiful requirements for eating.

At least, the kitchen is also an experience hall for modern high-tech life, ranging from microwave ovens, electric ovens and various pots, to as small as rags, disinfection towels and plastic wrap, all constantly upgrading and introducing new ones.

However, can you think that these appliances or supplies may harm the health of the family?

Lets come look!

  The Crisis of Plastic Film Hiding: The issue of the release of toxic substances and the impact of plastic film on health has been a concern for a long time.

It turns out that cling film does release toxic chemicals into food, especially when it is heated in a microwave oven.

Some experts say that the plastic wrap will produce a substance called “exogenous estrogen”, which will affect human endocrine and cause problems.

However, some experts believe that the small amount of “exogenous estrogen” produced by plastic wrap will not affect our health.

At present, the division of cling film used at home is also becoming more and more detailed. When selecting cling film, you can choose according to the purpose. For example, if you want to use it in a microwave oven, you must choose the product marked with “applicable to microwave oven” on the cling film.

  Experts recommend that you pay attention to the heating time of the food. If the plastic wrap is melted, the food cannot be eaten.

When used in the refrigerator, it can be used with confidence.

  The hidden crisis of detergents: or a variety of chemical tests on blood and urine of adults and children worldwide shows that our bodies contain at least 200 industrial chemicals, and the impact of these chemicals on the human body is stillCompletely predictable.

Some experts suspect that the 200 industrial chemicals contained in the body partly break down household cleaning agents.

Therefore, for all types of cleaning agents, experts recommend that they be used with caution, in other words-you can use them if you don’t.

  In addition to the oil-removing substances, many products also contain antibacterial ingredients, which are gathered in our bodies, so that the body can produce antibiotic substitution.

The triclosan in some products is difficult to metabolize by the body. It is especially vigilant for breastfeeding mothers because it will enter the milk through the blood and enter the baby’s body. This is important for babies who are building an immune system.Said very harmful.

  Experts recommend using green, pure natural detergents.

Or rinse with tap water after washing with detergent.

  Hidden crisis of non-stick pans: Pot-making material “Teflon” releases toxic substances. Maybe you don’t know the “Teflon” storm a few years ago-At that time, the non-stick technology pioneered by DuPont brand was questioned and may be cooking.It releases the toxic chemical ammonium perfluorooctanoate.

After research by the US Environmental Protection Agency, this substance is considered a carcinogen and poses a threat to human health.

However, DuPont does not recognize such a “trial” and insists that its application and experiments in the past 40 years have proved that this substance abbreviated as PFOA is safe and harmless and can be used safely by the public.

As a result of the contest between the two sides, the US Environmental Protection Agency finally recognized the test results of DuPont.

  Today, the second and third generation of non-stick pans have already entered millions of households. The transformation of whether non-stick pans will release harmful substances to the human body has also continued.

Some product supervision agencies insist that the chemicals used to make non-stick coatings must have an impact on human health, but such effects may not appear in a short time.

Experts suggest that the safety factor of using non-stick pans with strong brands and relatively high prices is definitely much greater than those of cheaper non-stick pans. The reason is that “non-stick coatings will be stronger and will not be easily scraped by shovel and spoon.Come down into the vegetable rice. ”

  Experts recommend buying and using high-quality non-stick pans, and alternate with ordinary stainless steel pans.

  Hidden crisis in microwave ovens: We have all heard that radiation waves are generated when microwave ovens work, and these radiations will affect the normal development of the fetus.

The working principle of a microwave oven is to transform electromagnetic radiation to stimulate water molecules in food to become active quickly, thereby achieving the purpose of heating.

If this amount of electromagnetic radiation reaches a certain amount, it will indeed have an adverse effect on our bodies.

  But usually, as long as the microwave ovens produced by big brands are under normal working conditions, their electromagnetic radiation will not reach a degree that will cause adverse effects.

Of course, with caution, pregnant women should not use microwave ovens too much.

It should be noted that there is no radiation in the food cooked in the oven.

As long as the microwave oven stops working, the radiation will stop and don’t worry about the food being “contaminated”.

  Experts suggest that the biggest danger of microwave ovens is that they can cause burns rather than harm pregnant women or fetuses.

It should be noted that the door of the microwave oven must be tight, and the microwave oven should not be left idle.

What does a successful father bring to his child?

What does a successful father bring to his child?

Li Chengqian, the first prince in the TV series “Long Song of Zhenguan”, left a deep impression on the audience.

He was timid, inadequate, and more than defeated, and finally became a victim of power struggles.

After watching TV, many viewers can’t help wondering: How can Li Shimin, a wise and successful “father of tigers”, cultivate such an incompetent “dog”?

Even his second prince, Li Zhi, Tang Gaozong, had a weak character and gave up Jiang Zeshan to Wu Zetian.

Prior to Qin Shihuang’s imperial administration, Han Gaozu Liu Bang did the same.

  Pros and cons of the success of my father’s generation To address these issues, the reporter consulted Li Xiaowen, a professor at the Department of Psychology of East China Normal University.

“Actually, the success of the father does not mean that” one generation is inferior to the other. ”

“Li Xiaowen opened his eyes here,” mainly looking at family education and the requirements of parents for their children.

“The Prince’s identity can bring benefits as well as disadvantages.

  The so-called father can be a model for the child, let him understand what kind of state is more likely to succeed.

In this way, children have role models for imitation and learning.

“For a child, a successful parent lives next to him, and psychologically he doesn’t think it is unattainable or even enhances self-confidence.

This is very different from ordinary people.

There are also examples of success in reality, such as Li Ka-shing, Li Zekai and his sons.

  The disadvantages often come from the impact of parents’ requirements on children and the environment.

“As children of successful people, they may be held too high by the stars; they may also suffer from a lot of abnormal and unnatural constraints; successful parents often have high expectations for their children and require veryHarsh.

Every kind of stress will put the child under pressure beyond the normal range.

Over time, children feel more and more tired, and personality problems may also occur.

“In Chengguan Long Song”, Li Chengqian fully confirmed the existence of these disadvantages: he was highly praised, under one person, over ten thousand people; every move must conform to the “prince” norm;The teaching of “Yan Shi”, coupled with his brother’s attempts to win the position, Li Chenggan’s shoulders are believed to have pressed several “mountains”.

This pressure is what led to his character going to extremes.

In addition, some successful people will over-indulge in their children. These children born with the “Golden Key” are less labor-intensive and grow up in spoiled habits, which will inevitably have an adverse impact on their personality development.

Therefore, expanding the scale and weakening the shortcomings in the process of children’s growth is the key to breaking the curse of “the father and the dog”.

  Successful fathers should also care for their children. In fact, a successful father should also care for his children. Only in this way can he truly cultivate a “tiger” and inherit his mantle.

“A child needs parental care most in childhood. If a parent can give his child a warm, kind and caring environment, he will be more likely to believe and accept his loved ones and learn from them.

Li Xiaowen said, “When a child reaches puberty, he needs to communicate more with his parents, just like friends.

“This will not only help children develop a healthy personality, but also allow children to feel the success of their parents in communication, and allow them to grow more positively and optimistically.

Conversely, if the child realizes that it is more indifferent, hostile, and oppressed, he may show some behaviors that oppose the outside world to vent his dissatisfaction and anger.

  Unfortunately, under the traditional feudal monarchy, warmth, kindness, and communication like friends are very unrealistic for Li Shimin and his sons.

This caused Li Chenggan’s behavior to be marked with confrontation with his father.

Imagine that your feet are sick, and your father doesn’t come to comfort yourself.

(At least the history books don’t mention how Li Shimin cares about his son’s foot disease.) Instead, he prefers another son who is very competitive with the “prince of Prince”.

  Children should take the initiative to communicate with their father. So, in a modern society, if a successful parent is too busy to work and has no time to take care of the child, what should the child do?

Professor Xiao Jian from the Department of Psychology at Peking University said that children should take the initiative to communicate with their parents, and to fully understand their parents and learn from them.

In addition to the ability of the parents to “work and work”, they should also learn how to “become a person”, which is more conducive to the child’s self-perfection of personality and personality in the future.

After all, parents will not leave their children unwillingly, nor will they refuse to ask questions.

But at the same time, parents should also give their children a loose and democratic space to stimulate their creative thinking.