Homemade whitening mask, applied at home for a week, let you change the white skin beauty!

Homemade whitening mask, applied at home for a week, let you change the “white skin beauty”!

Masking can be said to be a must for most girls every day, but because many masks on the market contain chemicals, some people will be allergic after using them, plus the popular natural skin care method, so many girls began to study skin care formulas., homemade whitening mask at home.

Below, is the “homemade mask” that Yang Shengjun has arranged for everyone. The operation method is very simple.
Milk mask[practice]first steamed your face with steam, then prepare a small cup of fresh milk, put the compressed mask into the fresh milk cup and soak it. After it is covered with fresh milk, put it out and apply it to the outside. After about 15 minutes, expose it.The film below (must remember to lift it from the bottom up); then wash your face with water, so that’s fine.

If it is summer, you can put the fresh milk in the refrigerator and dry it, so it will be more comfortable to apply on both ends; if you stick to it for a long time, it will obviously become white.

Loofah juice mask[practice]peel the washed loofah, cut into pieces in a juicer, then filter, put the loofah juice and the right amount of flour together and stir into a paste, not too thin, moderately,Then spread it evenly to the bones and wait until the mask is dry before washing it off.

We all know that loofah can be whitened, and the skin will soon turn white.

Sweet wine brewing whitening mask[practice]Take some sweet wine and pour it into the bowl. Rice should also be poured in, then chop the rice, put the mask paper in the bowl and soak it for a while, then wait until it is completely stained with sweet wine.Apply it to your face. After about 8-10 minutes, remove the mask from bottom to top and wash your face with clean water.

Before going to bed spa mask[practice]This method is very simple, no need for mask paper, only need a basin, full of hot water; before going to sleep, put the hot water basin above the face, using the steam in the basinSteaming your face for three minutes will be fine.

Basically, it can replenish water, and it can also moisturize for a long time and decompose the garbage inside the pores of the face skin. If you stick to this method, the face will soon be supple and translucent.

Aspirin Mask[Practice]According to the amount you need, take a few tablets of aspirin, pour it into powder, then add a little pure water and mix well, use a cotton swab dipped a little, then apply it evenly to the surface, alsoYou can use a cotton pad to apply to the face, then wait 20-30 minutes, wash it off with water, after washing your face, you will find that the face is obviously fine, and the skin color is whiter.

This kind of face has a special effect, that is, to get acne marks, to know acne is the trouble of most of us!

Taomi water whitening method[practice]When you are in the home, you can save the second rice water, you can use it to wash your face and legs, you can also put the mask paper into the soaking and then change into a face.

If you insist on a few days, you will find that you are really white. You will not have allergies and no money, and it will be much easier to save your dark skin.