Better nutrition for corn

Better nutrition for corn

Recently, a study by the German Nutrition and Health Association showed that in the staple food, the nutritional value and health effect of corn are very high.

  Preventable heart disease and cancer experts have compared the nutritional value and health effects of various staple foods such as corn, rice, and flour.

It was found that the vitamin content in corn was very high, several times that of rice and flour.

 At the same time, the large amount of nutrition and health substances in corn also surprised experts.

In addition to glucose, protein, traces, and carotene, corn also contains riboflavin and other nutrients.

These substances have great benefits in preventing diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

  Studies also show that the nutritional value of specialty corn is higher than that of ordinary corn.

For example, the content of protein, vegetable oil and vitamins in sweet corn is 1-2 times higher than that of ordinary corn; the content of selenium is 8-10 times higher; of the 17 amino acids contained in it, there are more than 13 types of ordinary corn.

In addition, the moisture, actives, vitamins, and other nutrients of fresh corn are much higher than those of mature corn, because the corn nutrient content will decrease rapidly during storage.

  Experts with 7 “anti-aging agents” point out that among the 50 most effective nutritional and health substances currently proven, corn has been found to contain 7 of these substances-calcium, glutathione, vitamins, magnesium, selenium,Vitamin E and fatty acids.

  It has been determined that every 100 grams of corn can provide nearly 300 milligrams of calcium, which is almost the same as that contained in dairy products.

Rich in calcium can lower cholesterol.

In addition, the carotene contained in corn can be converted into vitamin A after being absorbed by the human body, which has anti-cancer effect; plant cellulose can accelerate the excretion of carcinogens and other poisons; natural vitamin E can promote cell division and delay aging, Reduce serum hypertension, prevent skin lesions, but also reduce arteriosclerosis and brain function decline.

Researchers point out that corn contains lutein to fight eye aging.

In addition, eating more corn can inhibit the interaction of anticancer drugs on the human body, stimulate brain cells, and enhance human brain power.

  How to eat corn with the tricks?

Nutritionists suggest that cooked corn is better than raw.

Although lubricating caused corn to lose some of its vitamin C, antioxidants were obtained that exceeded nutritional value.

Absolutely fried or boiled, corn will release more nutrients.

At the same time, cooked corn also releases a phenolic compound, lysine, which has a certain effect on diseases such as cancer.

After high-temperature cooking, the activity of corn’s antioxidant free radicals increases, and oxygen free radicals can cause oxidative damage to the body and increase the risk of disease.

  Europeans have summarized a number of scientific methods for eating corn. There are three main methods: first, tortillas, replacing garlic flour, black pepper, celery, etc. in corn noodles, and using tomato soup to mix and crush corn tortillas, which can reduce them;It is corn porridge; third, it is made of corn soup and salad, which is delicious and nutritious.

But experts remind that once the shelf life of corn has passed, it is easy to be affected by moisture and mold to produce toxins.

Therefore, everyone must pay attention to the shelf life before buying canned corn in the store.

How to do anemia

How to do anemia

Anemia is a common disease that sometimes causes a lot of inconvenience, and it is very troublesome to faint when you go out. So how to treat anemia in spring?

What is good to treat anemia?

The following editors recommend several blood remedies for drinking, let’s take a look together.

  Longan tea recipe: 20 grams of longan meat is steamed before adding 1 g of green tea.

  To use: Soak in boiling water.

  Efficacy: Prevents anemia.

  Salvia tea formula: 5 grams of tea leaves, salvia miltiorrhiza, and Huang Jing 10 grams each.

  Usage: At the end of research, blend with boiling water.

  Efficacy: Treatment of anemia.

  Clinical manifestations of anemia The cause of anemia, the degree of blood oxygen carrying capacity decline, the degree of blood volume decline, the rate of anemia and the compensation and tolerance of blood, circulation, and respiratory systems will all affect the clinical manifestations of anemia.


Nervous system dizziness, tinnitus, headache, insomnia, dreaming, memory loss, inattention, etc., are common symptoms caused by anemia and hypoxia caused by damage to nerve tissue.

In children with anemia, crying can be disturbed, restlessness and even affect mental development.


Pale skin and mucous membranes are the main manifestations of skin and mucous membranes during anemia.

During anemia, the body redistributes the effective blood volume through neurohumoral regulation, and the supply of blood to the mucosa is reduced in comparison with secondary organs such as the skin. In addition, the reduction of red blood cells and hemoglobin content per unit volume of blood will also cause the skin and mucosa to fade in color.

Rough, shiny skin and even ulcers are another manifestation of skin and mucosa during anemia, which may also be related to the primary pathogenesis of anemia.

Hemolytic anemia, especially extravascular hemolytic anemia, can cause yellowing of the skin and mucous membranes.


Anabolic 2,3-diphosphoglycerate (2,3-DPG) in red blood cells during anemia of the respiratory system, to reduce the affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen, shift the oxygen dissociation curve to the right, and the tissue gets more oxygen.

  Shortness of breath or dyspnea are mostly caused by hypoxia or hypercapnia in the respiratory center.

Therefore, there is no obvious manifestation of mild anemia, only the breathing deepens and palpitations are caused after the activity, and the heart rate is accelerated.

  The more severe the anemia, the greater the amount of activity and the more pronounced the symptoms.

In severe anemia, shortness of breath or even sitting breaths may occur even in a calm state.

Long-term anemia, overloaded heart work and insufficient oxygen supply can lead to anemia heart disease. At this time, there are both heart rate changes, and even arrhythmia and heart failure.

  Summary: Through the introduction of the above several herbal tea recipes, I usually drink a lot, and go out with some sugar and put it in my pocket.

R & D health exercises for everyone to share

R & D health exercises for everyone to share

The health effect of fitness on the human body is unquestionable.

However, regardless of your actual situation, people follow each other and follow the trend blindly, you may not be able to obtain good fitness results.

For a period of time, I heard people say that long-distance running has fractures to the whole body parts of the human body, especially to improve the functions of the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system, so I ran in the morning.

However, for me, the “quasi-elderly” in my fifties who never exercises, it is a physical overdraft.

Others have more than 3 kilometers to run, and I wheeze for half a kilometer, and I have chest tightness, dizziness, and nausea.

I knew that not only wouldn’t work, and it might worsen my symptoms, so I resolutely switched to walking.

Keep walking for 30 minutes every day. Not only does my spirit feel happy, my appetite has also increased, but my heart and lung function has also been enhanced.

  As people get older, they keep coming to trouble you.

This problem is cured, and another problem is here again.

No, the tachycardia has become normal, and the cervical spine, migraine, and presbyopia have become entangled.

Walking alone cannot exercise control over these many diseases, and must be considered in its entirety.

Therefore, based on my own situation, I added a set of self-programmed comprehensive exercises.

  The first is cervical spine: first, look up and lower your head.

Look up when looking up, look down when looking down, and do each 50 times.

The second is shaking his head from side to side.

Turn your head counterclockwise 50 times and then turn it clockwise 50 times.

The third is to turn his shoulders on his hips.

Turn your shoulders to the left, your right hand on your hips, your head to the left, and use your left hand to pull the left shoulder in a circle 50 times forward;

Turn your shoulders to the right with your left hand on your hips and your head to the right. Use your right hand to pull the right shoulder in a circle 50 times. Otherwise, do 50 times backward.

Finally, shrug your shoulders 20 times each.

  Followed by massage exercises: one is Mohr.

Rub your hands together, rub the outer ear shell 100 times from the top to the bottom, and then use your thumb and forefinger to pinch the earwheel to massage 100 times from top to bottom, and then pinch the two wheels to shake 100 times.

Mole exercises can promote blood flow in the head and have a certain effect on migraine.

The second is ironing.

Close your eyes first, rub your palms quickly to make them hot, and then quickly press your palms on the embryos of your eyes. Repeat this several times to improve the blood circulation in the eyes.

The third is to wipe his face.

First rub your palms, then rub your face 50 times from the bottom up (it is not recommended to rub from top to bottom to prevent the skin and muscles from sagging).

Rubbing the face can keep the facial qi and blood smooth and strengthen the skin resistance.

  Finally, clap hands: clap your hands forward and backwards 50 times each. When you clap your hands, make a small jump, so that you can move the acupuncture points and move the entire body’s meridian joints.

  Due to self-made fitness for two years, the effect is significant.

Physical examination results, blood pressure, lungs and respiratory tract, heart and blood vessels, abdominal organs and other functional functions were normal, the original cervical spine, migraine and other old problems did not worsen.

People are also black spirited a lot.

  For this reason, in combination with your own situation, choosing the appropriate fitness method and perseveringly exercise can get more results with less effort.

Just seeing a doctor, but also paying attention to dialectical treatment, which varies from person to person!

Specific analysis of specific circumstances, this is also the principle of fitness, do not say qigong all do qigong today, clap your hands and learn to clap tomorrow, walk the day after tomorrow and change walks, you must always suit yourself.

Why do children have insomnia when they are young?

Why do children have insomnia when they are young?

Causes of insomnia in children: Difficulty falling asleep or difficulty maintaining sleep in childhood is very rare.
The incidence of insomnia in adolescents is higher than in children.
The main causes of insomnia in children are: poor ways to fall asleep: young children’s difficulty falling asleep is often related to parents’ incorrect raising methods, such as holding the child and putting it on the bed after sleeping, and sleeping with the child (accompany sleep).
There is a clear relationship between infants’ difficulty falling asleep and unsafe attachment.
  Sleep horror: Children <4-12 years old are horrible at night, and their parents often do not know. Some children confuse "sleep" with "death", thinking that they fall asleep and die. Thus fear of sleep.   Environmental factors: Noisy sounds, too bright lights, too hot and cold indoors, too high humidity, uncomfortable beds, overcrowded rooms, high study pressure, etc. in sleep environment will affect sleep.   Physiological factors: Excessive hunger, fullness, or physical discomfort can cause difficulty falling asleep.   Sleep rhythm disorder: After the child goes to school, the night study time is too long, the original sleep-wake rhythm is disrupted.   In addition, consumption of stimulant food or beverages, tea, coffee, cola, chocolate, and central stimulants will affect sleep and cause sleep disorders.   Insomnia includes 3 forms: difficulty falling asleep, increasing awakening during sleep, and early awakening. Toddlers and school-age children are mostly manifested as having difficulty falling asleep and / or waking up during sleep, while adolescence may be manifested as three forms of coexistence.

Six ways to drink milk, such as taking poisoned milk

Six ways to drink milk, such as taking poisoned milk

Drinking the right milk can prolong your life and strengthen your body. If you drink it incorrectly, it is likely to increase the body’s pain. Old Chinese medicine has organized six common ways of drinking milk similar to poisoning, and check whether you or anyone around you.

If so, please remind them not to leave your questions to your doctor . 1. The thicker the milk, the better. Some people think that the thicker the milk, the more nutrients your body gets. This is unscientific.

The so-called over-concentrated milk refers to adding more milk powder and less water to the milk, so that the concentration of milk exceeds the normal ratio standard.

Others fear that the fresh milk is too light, and add milk powder to it.

If infants and young children often eat thick milk, it will cause diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite, and even refusal to eat, which will cause acute hemorrhagic enteritis.

This is because infants and young children’s organs are delicate and cannot bear the heavy burden and pressure.

2, milk + chocolate Some people think that since milk is a high protein food, chocolate is an energy food, while eating must have a large weight.

But in fact, it’s not.

Liquid milk with chocolate. Calcium in the milk slightly reacts with the oxalic acid in the chocolate to produce “calcium oxalate”.

Therefore, calcium, which has nutritional value, has become a harmful substance to the human body, which leads to calcium deficiency, diarrhea, deterioration of children’s development, dry hair, easy fractures, and increased incidence of urinary stones.

3, milk + eggs experts pointed out that milk and eggs for breakfast is not scientific, protein is difficult to provide energy.

Now more than 9% of children eat only milk and eggs in the morning, and food is absent for breakfast for a long time.

Most parents think that this breakfast is in line with international standards, but they do not know that this is a very wrong concept.

Milk eggs are good, but used in the wrong place.

After more than ten hours of energy consumption in a night, the human body urgently needs to replenish energy by rich breakfast, but milk and eggs can not provide enough energy.

4, milk + rice soup, porridge Some people think that this can complement nutrition.

Actually this method is not very scientific.

Milk contains vitamin A, while rice soup and porridge are mainly starch. They contain trace amounts of oxidase and will destroy vitamin A.

Children, especially infants and young children, if vitamin A intake is insufficient, infants and young children will have stunted growth and become frail and sick.

Therefore, they can be eaten separately even for nutritional supplements.

5. Milk + orange juice or lemon juice Some people suggest adding orange or lemon juice to milk. This seems to be a good way, but in fact, orange juice and lemon are high-fruit acids, and fruit acids encounter milkThe protein in the protein will denature the protein, thereby reducing the nutritional value of the protein.

6, milk + medicine Some people also think that using nutritious things to deliver medicines is definitely good, in fact, this is extremely wrong.

Milk can significantly affect the body’s rate of drug absorption, making the concentration of drugs in the blood significantly lower than those of the same continuous non-milk user.

Taking medicine with milk also makes it easy for the medicine to form a covering film, which causes mineral ions such as calcium and magnesium in the milk to chemically react with the medicine to produce non-impurity substances, which reduces the efficacy and may cause harm to the body.

Therefore, it is best not to drink milk for 1, 2 hours before and after taking the medicine.

Quickly help you detox and nutritious food

Quickly help you detox and nutritious food

Drink animal blood soup. Animal blood includes chicken, duck, goose, pig blood, etc. Pig blood is preferred.

Due to the plasma proteins in the blood, after being decomposed by the human stomach acid and enzymes in the digestive juice, it can produce a substance that detoxifies and smoothes the intestines. It can react with the invading dust and harmful metals to make it difficult to be absorbed by the bodyWaste.

Focused soup can clear the body pollution.

  Fresh fruit juice and fresh vegetable juice Fresh fruit juice and fresh vegetable juice without cooking are “cleaners” in the human body.

Can remove toxins and waste accumulated in the body.

Because when a certain amount of fresh fruit juice or fresh vegetable juice enters the human digestive system, the blood becomes alkaline, the toxins accumulated in the cells are dissolved, and then the excretion system replaces the body.

  Eating fungus plants Fungi plants, especially black fungus, have functions of cleaning blood and detoxifying.

  Eat seaweed foods Seaweed foods include kelp, seaweed, etc., because the gelatin in its ingredients can convert the radioactive substances in the body and discharge them with the stool, so it can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

Women with insufficient blood and drinking astragalus and angelica decoction increase resistance

Women with insufficient blood and drinking astragalus and angelica decoction increase resistance

Classic of Chinese Medicine

“Su Wen” records: “Blood gas is inconsistent, all diseases are born of change.

“Long-term lack of qi and blood will cause the body’s immunity to be lower, easier to get sick than others, and always in a sub-health state. Therefore, some women, especially women, should pay attention to regulating qi and blood.

So how do women strengthen their resistance?

…… Astragalus Angelica Decoction to Enhance Resistance The following is a very practical health-preserving recipe for nourishing qi and nourishing blood—Astragalus Angelica Decoction.

  Specific method: 30 grams of astragalus, 6 grams of angelica, 10 grams of jujube, wash, add water to the right amount, cook for 40 minutes, and take the juice; add the appropriate amount of water to the dregs, cook for 30 minutes, take the juice, and take the medicine.

  Astragalus has been classified as a top medicine in medicine since ancient times.

Astragalus flavor is slightly warm, returning to the lungs, spleen, liver, and kidney meridians. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it can replenish one’s vital energy, and has the effects of solid surface antiperspirant, Yangyang solidification, diuresis and swelling. For repeated colds, physical weaknessSweat, body drowsiness, shortness of energy, and visceral prolapse all have outstanding effects.

  Angelica is recorded in “Materia Medica”: “It is sweet and heavy, so it is capable of invigorating blood, and its qi is light and spicy, so it is able to perform blood.Holy medicine in blood.

“Therefore, angelica can not only supply blood, but also activate blood;

  Those with pale or yellowish appearance, dizziness, palpitations and dreams, women with low menstrual flow and other symptoms of blood deficiency can be treated with angelica.

Because it can significantly promote the body’s hematopoietic function, increase the content of red blood cells, white blood cells and hemoglobin, and can also treat anemia.

  It should be noted that the medication ratio of Astragalus and Angelica is particular. It should be matched according to a ratio of 5: 1, and its effect of nourishing Qi and nourishing blood is the highest.

Because tangible blood is born of intangible air, it is necessary to re-use the role of astragalus to nourish spleen and lungs to nourish qi and blood, and angelica can supplement yin and blood, so that yang and yin grow and qi and blood grow.

  Jujube has the effect of enhancing human endurance and anti-fatigue, and can also add calcium and iron.

Therefore, jujube and astragalus combined with angelica can enhance the function of nourishing qi and nourishing blood.

Although this regimen is good, it does not suffer from yin deficiency and fire and cold patients, and women should not take it during menstruation.

Exercise warming up to neck is harmful to health

Exercise warming up to neck is harmful to health

The human cervical spine consists of 7 cones, maintaining a forward physiological bend.

Each cervical vertebra is adjacent to the upper and lower vertebrae to form three joints, namely the joint formed by the intervertebral disc connection and the convex joints on both sides.

There are 21 joints in a cervical spine that is only 15 cm long. This physiological feature determines the mobility of cervical spine fractures, and it is also very easy to sprain.

In this 15-cm correction joint, if there is a problem in one joint, it will cause great discomfort to the entire upper part.

  Each of the 7 pyramids has its own functional characteristics.

The first and second segments of the cervical spine control the left and right rotation of the head.

When all the joints overlap, bend your head backwards and relax forward.

The physiological structure of the head is not suitable for torsion because rotation alignment and unnatural pressure will lead to early degradation over time, rigidity of the intervertebral joints, twisting sprains, and even disc herniation.

  Suggestion: During the warm-up phase, our head only needs to move on 3 interfaces, bend forward and backward, bend sideways, and rotate left and right. Try not to overlap the two interfaces during the exercise.

Also, doing temporary activities every time you warm up is extra, it only increases the chance of joint injuries.

What are the toys suitable for 2-year-olds?

What are the toys suitable for 2-year-olds?

After 2 years of age, the baby ‘s language development is accelerating. At this time, the baby has mastered the vocabulary, can speak complete sentences, and loves to talk; he likes watching advertisements and performances on TV; the ability to recognize colors and graphics is improved;Fine movements tend to be flexible and coordinated.

  Toys suitable for 2-year-olds include: shape classifiers, playing dough, stickers, color books, color pens, finger painting utensils, cardboard books, musical instruments, children’s tricycles, etc.

Babies of this age have a strong curiosity, meaning everything, and dare to try to make it. Protecting them is important and necessary.

  Toys suitable for two-year-olds can be divided into 25-30 months and 31-36 months. The toys suitable for 25-30 months are: shape classifiers; jigsaw puzzles; playing dough; pasteObjects; color books; colored pens; finger painting utensils; cardboard books; musical instruments; children’s tricycles; toys suitable for babies from 31 to 36 months: easels; paints;Stools; matching games; magnetic letters and numbers; pushpin boards; toys that need to be assembled by themselves; simple card games and large puzzles; kitchen equipment toys.

What should I pay attention to when the tonsils are inflamed?

What should I pay attention to when the tonsils are inflamed?

Tonsillitis is inflammation of the tonsils.

What should patients with tonsillitis pay attention to in their daily lives?

What should I pay attention to in diet?

The following small series will lead you to understand specifically.

[What should I pay attention to when the tonsils are inflamed? 1. Drinking a small amount, moderate drinking has no harm to health. Because of the individual differences between people, there is also a difference between a person and a sick person, so it is difficult to identify “small amount” andThe “multiple” limit.

In general, in acute illness, it is not advisable to drink alcohol, deafness, Meniere’s disease and other inner ear diseases and pharyngitis. It is also inappropriate to drink alcohol when laryngitis is caused by tonsillitis.

2, do not pay attention to food hygiene as the saying goes: “The disease is from the mouth.

“There are many viruses, and bacterial infectious diseases are “from the mouth”, such as acute rhinitis, acute respiratory inflammation, tonsillitis and so on.

If eating spoiled food can cause gastrointestinal problems, accidentally eating food contaminated with viruses and pathogens can easily spread the disease.

3, the taste of spicy and spicy taste in the seasoning is important to stimulate the appetite.

However, if there are too many spicy things, it is easy to encourage “internal fire”, injury to the body fluid, causing symptoms of yin deficiency and fire, and symptoms such as dry throat and burning.

When you have an acute illness, you can eat more spicy food and it is easy to aggravate inflammation.

4, can not be sweeter preference for sweets are easy to be obese, but also prone to diabetes, some of the ENT diseases are related to diabetes, such as tinnitus, deafness and so on.

Eat more sweets is also prone to sputum, after an acute episode of chronic laryngitis, coughing is not only, mostly associated with too much sweets.

[Precautions for tonsil inflammation]1. Maintain proper temperature and humidity in the room.

The air in the living room is dry and too cold. Excessive and excessive humidity can affect the defense function of the tonsils, causing dysfunction and aggravating the condition of tonsillitis.

Therefore, during the inflammation of the tonsils, the indoor air must be kept fresh and circulated. Air humidifiers can be used for indoor air conditioning. In addition, in the morning, after eating and before going to bed, gargle, brush your teeth, and even keep your mouth clean, and also raise the tonsils.The immune function.

2, for diet and nursed back to health.

It is based on a light and digestible diet, and then assists some refreshing and flaming foods.

Drink plenty of water, avoid tobacco, wine, ginger, pepper, mustard, garlic and all the spicy things.

3, eat more fruits and vegetables that are good for tonsils.

Pear, kumquat, pomegranate is the best representative, pear has a fever, throat, analgesic effect, can eliminate the symptoms of fever, sore throat caused by inflammation; kumquat skin is rich in nutrients, contains vitamin C and calcium, has the throat removedInflammation, the fruit is rich in vitamins and calcium, which is beneficial to the repair of the tonsil mucosa; the pomegranate decoction can cure tonsil inflammation and sore throat.

Cut a pomegranate into an appropriate size and cook it with 400 grams of water. After boiling, cook for another 30 minutes. The decoction can be used for 4 times, reducing the number of times to public places.

Inflammation of the tonsils is best left at home, one to avoid being irritated by the turbid air of the skin, and the other to improve the body’s immunity.

Always wear a mask and some regular emergency medicines if you must go out.

The above is the content of the tonsillitis that Xiaobian will explain to you. I hope to help everyone. Here is a healthy and healthy body.