There are multiple tips for comfort at the end of the year

There are multiple tips for comfort at the end of the year

There are always setbacks, blows, and failures in a person’s life, and the odds of these appearing at the end of the year seem particularly high.

If the salary is low, I ca n’t get a red envelope when I go home, and I feel very depressed.

At this time, you should cheer yourself up and cheer yourself up.

  At the end of the year, there are 8 tricks for comfort. The first trick: The most important thing is why today’s heart should lose its current mood for painful remorse, and why it should not be endless for inexplicable anxiety.

The past is gone forever, no matter how regretful it is, it will not help.

The future is still beyond sight, and no matter how worried you are, you will be sad.

Today’s heart, today’s affairs and present people are real and feel good.

Of course, it is wise to sum up past experience and prevent future risks.

  Yesterday has passed, but tomorrow has not yet come, today is true.

Life Tips # 2: Your heartache can only heal yourself. Why not lose your present mood for painful remorse.

It is also necessary to vent the occasional interruption, but endless repetition will only increase the annoyance and only show others your incompetence. Repetition is a deadly negative mentality. Once your repetition becomes a bad habit, life willThere is no darkness, and there is no good mood in itself, and others are unlucky to follow.

  If there is no benefit, optimism is the most important.

  The third tip: The good mood is created by ourselves. We often cannot change the views of others, and it is only ourselves that can change.

The bad life lies not in the sins of others, but in our mood becoming worse.

The golden key to making life better is not in the hands of others. Give up our resentment and sigh, and a good life is at your fingertips.

We subjectively want to live a good life, but objectively we do not have a good life, the reason is that we always want to wait for others to improve our lives, do not expect to change others, be the master of life ourselves.

  The fourth tip: do what you should do with your heart, life is so short, who will waste your mind?

A wise philosopher once said: Someone scolded me on the street. I didn’t even turn around. I didn’t want to know this boring person.

We should neither hurt others nor be influenced by criticisms from others, but we should first learn the practical skills in accordance with our wishes.

  Especially when you are a teenager, do your best to learn the skills and do n’t get distracted.

  Fifth tip: Don’t always learn how to enjoy yourself with yourself, it is tantamount to having a golden key to happiness.

Appreciating yourself is not alone, admiring yourself is not alone, admiring yourself is not self-intoxicated, admiring yourself is not standing still . you give yourself some confidence, you give yourself a little happiness, you give yourself a smile, why not have no happiness in life?

  Often you have to give yourself a holiday and learn to look for joy.

  Sixth tip: Don’t chase worldly honours for life and seek what is recognized by others, you will always lose your happiness and happiness.

Vulgar commentary will annihilate one’s own personality, and mundane guidance will make oneself overwhelmed.

Money for money makes my six relatives ignorant, for weight and weight, I am bold and arrogant, I make a name for myself. I am in the chase deliberately, and will become fragments and flutter in the wind, worldly.I have become abominable.

  Get kitsch, lose the truth, strengthen your confidence and own yourself.

  Seventh Tip: Be careful not to be too tired to live. Some people lament that life is really tired.

Tired is the mental stress; tired is the psychological burden.

Tired and not tired are always relative. If you don’t want to be tired, you must learn to relax. Life is expensive.

Tired heart keeps people in a sub-health state for a long time; tired heart leads to depression.

  Don’t be too tired, learn to release yourself.

  Eighth tip: Extremely undesirable. Some people often suffer from mental disorders due to excessive anxiety, while others are indifferent to being indifferent to everything.

The former is often painful in the search for reason, and languishes because of cleverness. The root of stupidity is remorse.

I do n’t know what regrets are afterwards, and I live a dreary life all day. There is no difference between being alive and dying.

  Going to extremes is always a failure, looking for wisdom in life.