[Easy way to fry anchovies]_how to do_how to do

[Easy way to fry anchovies]_how to do_how to do

Fish is a delicious fish. It also has many effects on the human body, such as cough and asthma, and can delay aging.

There are many ways to prepare catfish, one of which is dried fried catfish.

The dried fried anchovies also have different methods and techniques depending on the region and eating habits.

The following introduces the two methods of dried fried anchovies, nutritional value and precautions for eating.

First, method one, wash the viscera offal, cut into sections 2, put salt and cooking wine, white pepper, oyster sauce and marinate for 20 minutes 3, do not stick to the pan and heat, pour an appropriate amount of oil and heat to 50%,Lower fish section 4, medium heat. After one side is fried, turn the other side (about 7 or 8 minutes on one side). 5. You can eat it directly or dip it in sweet and spicy sauce. Depending on your taste, the fried fish itself is very fragrant.

Second, practice two 1.

The catfish are cleaned and ready for use 2.

Cut the fish into pieces, marinate with cooking wine, salt for more than 15 minutes (deodorize) 3.

Then cover it with raw flour and wrap well 4.

Heat oil into the pan and heat up 5.

Add the fish pieces, turn to low heat and slowly fry until the side is slightly yellow, and then turn over and cook. (Do not turn it too hard in the middle.) 3. Nutrition analysis 1.

2Fish has delicate meat, delicious taste, rich nutrition, rich in protein, vitamin A, minerals (mainly calcium) and other nutrients 2.

Carassius auratus has the effect of replenishing qi, relieving cough, and has certain curative effect on weak cough.

Carassius auratus also has dietary functions such as refreshing and anti-aging. Regular food will have certain auxiliary effects on the treatment of anemia, premature aging, malnutrition, postpartum weakness and neurasthenia.

According to the food analysis, the moisture content in the carp fish meat is about 73% -74% (direct drying method at 105 ° C for 5 hours constant weight) and the ash content is about 0.

9%, total protein content (Kjeldahl nitrogen) is about 22g / 100g IV, note 1.

Avoid drinking tea before and after eating fish 2.

Carassius auratus contains trace pollutants and is susceptible to oil burning. After aging, fish oil poisoning will occur. If it is not treated, it will easily be poisoned after eating. Please pay attention to it.


There is a toxic chemical called “histamine” in the spinal blood vessels and internal organs of the catfish. If it is not cleaned before cooking, it can easily cause allergic reactions.

You should also choose fresh edible catfish. If the catfish is left for a long time, “histamine” will be released and it is not easy to clean up.