Chinese parents shameless shirtless exercise

Chinese parents shameless shirtless exercise

On January 21, in a kindergarten in Tokyo, Japan, more than 400 children exercised under the guidance of winter.

More than 400 children in this kindergarten exercise in the cold winter every day in this way to strengthen their cold resistance.

  In the cold winter, letting a group of young children exercise shirtlessly is hardly tolerable in the eyes of the Chinese.

  But look at the children ‘s elated energy in the exercise of bare limbs in their photos. Who should blush?

  Should schools blush?

Although quality education is shouting loudly, it is not difficult to say that kindergarten education and volition education like Japan are in kindergartens, our primary and middle schools, and even universities.

Under the magic wand of exam-oriented education, students are habitually nurturing, but “dividing” is the key.

Our arrogant lords do not know the cold and heat, the rice paddies, the noble and cheap, and do not work.

Although full of economy, but can not withstand the wind and rain.

  Should parents blush?

Chinese parents can be described as masters of “greenhouse seedling raising”. They bear their own pain, and respond to their children’s demands. “They are afraid of being melted in their mouths, and they are afraid of falling out of their palms.”.
There is also whether the child is a little emperor or princess who “does not distinguish between the grain and the four bodies”, and never cares.

  Should students blush?

Rated with Japanese children, Chinese students are too spoiled and too afraid of suffering.

A survey found that 51% of students have arranged their daily necessities and school supplies by their parents for a long time, and 72% of students have no choice in living and studying without their parents.

  As a result, there was news that Xinjiang College of Science and Technology organized students to pick up cotton to complete a “painful” task, and there was news that college students could not take care of themselves, and their mother had to resign to serve as a waiter off campus.College student news that can’t do laundry.

  In the face of our “weak and windy” generation, and in the face of the enthusiasm of Japanese children’s bare limb exercises, we must reflect on our blushing-as human beings, how can our children not do it?

What about our education?