Liver disease patients can cure disease and prevent liver cancer_1

Liver disease patients can cure disease and prevent liver cancer

For patients with liver diseases such as hepatitis B and cirrhosis, lettuce, bamboo shoots, and asparagus can be often eaten three times a day.

Because these three kinds of food have obvious effects of protecting liver and preventing cancer, they have the functions of expectorant, diuretic and detoxification, and help the excretion of dirt from feces.

  Lettuce: increase appetite, anti-anemia lettuce leaves are rich in calcium, carotene and vitamin C, and stinky lettuce can promote gastric juice, digestive enzymes and bile secretion, help hepatitis B, hepatitis C virus carriers and patients with chronic liver disease to increase appetite.

People with liver cirrhosis and anemia often eat lettuce, which can promote the secretion of organic acids and enzymes, increase iron absorption, help platelet rise and recovery, and prevent the disease from worsening.

  Bamboo shoots: laxative, detoxification of bamboo shoots can achieve laxative effects. Escherichia coli can trigger bamboo shoots to synthesize vitamins needed by the human body. It can also synthesize with the internal metabolic metabolized bile acids, which can not be absorbed into the exhaust gas.

  For bamboo shoots, it is recommended to use oyster mushrooms, 60 grams each of Hericium erinaceus, 200 grams each of lean pork or black chicken, add 600 grams of bamboo shoots and cut into slices, and cook with vegetable oil or stew with gentle heat.

Regular consumption can prevent digestive tract tumors and liver cancer, but those with severe gastric bleeding and those with esophageal varices should eat bamboo shoots with caution.

  Asparagus: Relieve fatigue. Asparagus contains nucleic acids, folic acid, glutathione, choline, arginine, mannan, peptidase rutin, etc., which can effectively inhibit growth.

Asparagus or nutritional products for liver cancer patients can relieve fatigue and increase appetite.

  The method of diet can be to cook fresh asparagus and cook it cold, and eat it once in the morning or before bedtime; you can also use 5-10 grams of asparagus root per day, and use water to decoction for tea. 3 months is a course of treatment.Can’t stop halfway.